why does my linksys router keep resetting


Hi All,
Oh thank god it\’s not just me that\’s having a problem with this router after performing a Factory Reset. And I do not mean that in a spiteful way I can assure you. It\’s happened to me and I do this for a living, and and reading through this forum is like being in work. I deal with problems like these on a weekly basis. And today I found myself in the same predicament as everybody else is and I think I have a pretty good idea to what is causing the problem. Looking through some of the complaints across various websites and forums I have started to compile and build a picture to what could potentially be causing this problem. I can assure you LINKSYS are aware of this problem, there is no doubt in my mind they know about this problem? The problem with fixing one problem, it can either fix the original problem or cause another unrelated problem and then you\’ve gone from one problem to another. So I would say they\’re working on a new firmware to rectify the problem with the current firmware. As I said I have compiled a list of complaints and most of the disconnections are after a Factory Reset has been performed. From my years of experience in dealing with these kind of problems the only logical explanation would be a corrupt EPROM after a factory reset has been performed. The cause of the problem is with the Factory Reset therefore, try not to reset your router unless you really have to. However, I do have a work around, although I must stress only perform this if your router is disconnecting and/or power cycling (rebooting itself intermittently). I need to run some tests myself, but as it looks at the moment, it is stable and its not rebooted once since I have performed my work around.

So hopefully this could be a temporary fix but, I need to monitor the connection so see if the router has rebooted or not. It would be helpful if LINKSYS logs held useful information like disconnections and power cycles (Rebooting) but unfortunately it doesn\’t. Just a little hint LINKSYS. WARNING check for updates before downloading file. Before you start download the latest firmware release for your WRT1900ac router here form the following link. This is version 1. 1. 8. 161917 IMPORTANT Read everything carefully. Make sure that you have downloaded the latest firmware before proceeding any further. I cant stress the importance of this. Make sure that you have downloaded the correct firmware. Check for updates via the following website. ONLY PERFORM A FACTORY RESET AS A LAST RESORT. In the unlikely event that you have no option to reset the router back to Factory Settings as If you\’re setting up the router for the first time again either via the Step-by-Step Process then make sure there isn\’t a tick in the checkbox for updating the router. The default firmware is version is 1. 1. 7. 159143. Click on the Troubleshooting menu and then click on the button [Restore previous firmware] go through the process and when it\’s finished the router will restart again and the firmware it\’s reverted to will be the default firmware 1. 1. 7. 159143. Once you have reset the router or reverted back to the previous firmware and you are now reconnected to the Internet, 192. 168. x. x to access you router, login with your Smart Wi-Fi login details which you would have setup when you first installed the router for the first time, or enter the router password.

Go directly to the Connectivity menu within your routers internal interface and make sure that you un-tick the checkbox Automatic. Manually ) click on Choose File and do to the destination where you have downloaded the firmware to on your PC. Click on Start and then wait for the router to be updated. Once the firmware update has been completed, hopefully there will be no disconnections or power recycles from the router again. I would recommend monitory the router for at least an hour to make sure the router doesn\’t reboot and/or lose the connection. WARNING DO NOT turn off your router whilst updating the firmware. Doing so can corrupt the router and it might not work again. You would probably have to send this back to LINKSYS so they can flash the EPROM again and then send it back to you. I done mine hours ago, and within that time the router hasn\’t rebooted once, which certainly an improvement and it would indicate that it worked. However, in the unlikely event this doesn\’t work go through from 1 – 4 again and try it again. It does work. Mine has been working for hours and in that time, it hasn\’t once rebooted and/or lost connection. If you have any problems, then please do not hesitate to PM me. Time for bed. Hello, I have a linksys e3000 router that keeps rebooting. IBm new to this forum, I saw a few similar posts with the Linksys e3000 router.

I wasnBt able to solve the problem with those ideas so I figured I would list out my problem. IBm a novice to networking. 1 Vista operating system dell laptop (I used this for all of the router installs, firmware upgrades etc. that are listed below) It has MacAfee security software installed and running. The problem seems to happen with any of the listed devices I own. IBll be using wifi for a few min and then it will disappear (no error message). When I look at the router it is going through the start up routine (flashing lights etc. ). A lot of times the devices can not find the network after the startup. I need to unplug the router and plug it in and tell the device to search for networks again. I had a d-link that was given to me for free a few years ago the system worked for internet sites and some video but I wanted to increase the power of my wifi to use the Roku and more devices. I bought the Linksys e2000 and it worked great. After a few days I upgraded it to a Linksys e3000. The main reason for the change was the box had a chart on the back that said the Linksys e3000 was optimized for streaming HD video. I was also interested in the USB network storage although IBm not sure what I plan to do with that feature. For the Linksys e3000, I installed it with the provided CD. Initially I was trying to have a USB storage device (8 gig flash memory stick) be part of my network. At this point I have stopped plugging the USB device in due to all of the problems I had just keeping connected. Within a few days of initial set up the router stopped working and just flashed the light showing it had data from the modem and the power light flashed.

After describing the problem and the fact that the power light kept flashing I was told to exchange the router for a new on. After initial setup the router kept logging me off. I called support again and was told to change the channel from auto to 11. It worked for a few min so we ended the call. Within :30 min the same problem occurred again. I tried other channels before calling back. 10 and 9 did not work at all, 8 and 7 only worked for about :20 min. This time we loaded new firmware into the router from 1. 0. 01 to 1. 0. 03. I had done a full reset and reinstall so we set the router back to channel 11. Again it worked for a few min and we ended the call. Again the same problem turned up. As a last resort I reset the router again and set it up using a different PC (XP based). This process was very slow and took three attempts. Eventually I got it set up using a LAN wire. The wifi network is up and shows excellent signal strength but reboots as soon as I ask for any data. I have one more week to return this second Linksys e3000 router to the store. It is my feeling that the hardware is ok and the software in the router is ok as we have reinstalled the latest version. IBm hopping to fix it and have a fast home wifi router. I should also note that the router is on top of my kitchen cabinets and all devices are in the same room within 15B of router. During the times it is running I have excellent signal strength and approximately 100B of range. Any ideas?

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