why does my linksys router keep losing internet connection


I have cable internet through a motorolla modem (not sure exact model) and a linksys router wireless G 2. 4ghz. For whatever reason my internet is really flaky, it constantly drops to where I am on wireless but windows shows that little exclamation point and says no internet access when I hover. If I reset the modem and router by pulling power and restarting them it\’ll come back but it will be extremely slow and usually stop working after a few minutes. Now I do not think the issue is my wireless adapter because my laptop with internal wireless does the same thing. I also plugged my laptop directly into the modem via ethernet and it\’s a blazing fast 25 mbp/s according to speestest. net. So my assumption is that there\’s an issue with the router. However I factory reset it, and then setup my network name and no broadcast with no security and a few hours later, same issue.

I factory reset it again and now it\’s working fine with all default settings (no security) but we\’ll see how it is in a few hours. My question is does this sound like a router issue or a modem issue where it\’s not properly communicating with the router? I\’m not sure if I should factory reset my modem as well or go buy a new router. The router is about 7 years old, do they eventually wear out? It seems very odd that factory resetting has not cleared up these issues. Edit: Also is it normally to get much slower speeds over wirless? My max through this router lately has been about 10 mbits/s but my cable is rated at 20 with turbo boost pushing it higher and ethernet directly into the modem I can do 20-25.

I thought wireless was slower but not half speed so maybe that\’s another router issue. I\’m one room about 25 feet from the router. Edit: More info- I discovered the router is a wrt54g v8. Was considering updating firmware but there is nothing available on linksys site. My current firmware is 8. 00. 2.
I have been having a lot of trouble lately with my wireless network. Basically, under certain situations it will constantly drop out, by which I mean all computers will lose connection with the wireless network for about 30 seconds and then reconnect. This is happening with two different wireless routers so I don\’t exactly know what is happening. I usually use a Linksys WRT54GS v7 but after this started happening I borrowed a friend\’s Linksys WRT54G2 v1 router to test it out with no change.

I also updated both router\’s firmware last week, and changed both router\’s channels to 1 in case that was a part of the problem. To clarify, only one router is being used at a time, I have just tried different steps with each one. The other day when it was happening repeatedly, I connected one of the computers directly to the modem and had no problems so I do not think it has anything to do with my modem. On the network, depending on the time of day, there will be any combination of three macbooks running the latest version of snow leopard and one older PC running Windows XP. The network can drop out with only the PC, no PC, or any combo of macs. There can also be two iPhones and a Blackberry using the wireless depending on who is home.

The most consistent problems seem to occur whenever something is being uploaded to the network. We seem to get major issues when my wife is sending relatively large files (5MB+) using her macbook\’s mail program (either sending through gmail or her work address). However, yesterday it was happening every 30 seconds when someone was talking on skype on her macbook while there were two other macbooks connected to the network but doing nothing more than using a browser for basics like google. I have also noticed that this will often happen, though usually only once rather than repeatedly, when a computer that hasn\’t been on is turned on. Sorry for the long post, I am just hoping some random bits of info will help figure this out as it is becoming very frustrating. Thanks for any help.

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