why does my lg tv go dark


The Picture Test runs with optimized picture settings. If the image was not dark/dim during the test, your picture settings are likely the cause. Try the following:
Navigate to Settings Picture. Use the Picture Wizard feature for the easiest, most reliable way of configuring your Picture Settings. If your TV has Smart Picture Mode / Intelligent Sensor, make sure it is set to Off.

Try some of the pre-set Picture Modes, such as Vivid, Cinema, or Game. If none of the pre-set modes provide a desirable picture, try to adjust the Energy Saving mode. Setting this to Minimum or Off may improve the brightness (though it will consume more power). Try to adjust your Picture Settings manually by changing the values below the Picture Mode.

Increase the backlight, brightness, and contrast. If all else fails, choose Picture Reset at the bottom of the Picture Mode section, then try again. The lighting in your room can be a strong factor in perceived brightness. Try closing any blinds, shades, curtains, etc. if the picture is not improving enough when adjusting the settings. lg 24 led tv, how do i change picture from black and white to color with DVD player connected LG LED TV – sound but picture only visible by looking closely with a torch Can a 50 lg plasma TV be fixed? i have sound but no picture My 42 inch 720 lg tv has no picture or sound.

It is older but has been a good tv.

Any suggestions on resets or quick fixes? Lg LED TV has no picture from Cable but works from HDMI source Vizio LED 50in Tv no picture, but sound Lg tv has sound but no picture LG TV no picture, just vertical lines across screen My LED TV has sound, but no picture. LG 52LB5D TV No picture but sound.

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