why does my leg hurt when i lay down


I know a gazillion of us have leg pain. My seems to be a little different I\’m just wondering if anyone has something similar to mine. It actually started before my back went \”bananas\”, but was not an every day thing. It only happens when I lay down on one side or the other. Mostly my left side where I have bursitis, but the right side too. Here\’s what I found strange; I\’m far from a size 0, so it would seem that the side I\’m lying on, which is the side bearing the brunt of my weight would be the side that hurts. Nope, it\’s the opposite, it\’s the side that\’s not bearing weight that hurts.


The pain is a deep ache that can be in different parts of my leg, or all the way down the leg. Sometimes, in the front of my calf, I swear the pain is deep within my bone. They only thing that makes the pain go away is if I lay flat on my back. Even when I tried epidurals got good (but very short) pain relief it did nothing for the leg pain. Neurontin, as well as any all PM has never touched this leg pain. I already know it\’s caused by something in the back pushing on a nerve that\’s causing it. It just seems so different than what I\’ve heard you all describe.

It often wakes me in the middle of the night when I\’ve rolled onto one side or another, but it goes away when I roll onto my back. Thank God, because if it didn\’t, I don\’t know what I would do, because the pain is intense unbearable. So I\’m really _______because I can\’t sit, stand, or walk more than a few minutes without my back hurting, when I lay down, there goes my legs. Just wondering if anybody else has this type of leg pain, if you found anything that works for it.
is a condition marked by a strong urge to mover the legs along with symptoms of unpleasant sensations in the legs while resting and sleeping, for example, tingling, burning, and aching, while resting.

The condition also causes leg pain and cramps. It is suggested the main cause of restless leg syndrome is a problem using iron or the lack of iron in the brain. Many conditions have been associated with restless leg syndrome because of the iron problem, for example, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, pregnancy, kidney failure, Parkinson s disease, and iron deficiency. Restless leg syndrome tends to run in families. Restless leg syndrome frequency leads to insomnia.

Treatment and home remedies for restless leg syndrome include medications and home remedies to manage symptoms and leg pain, increase the amount and quality of sleep, and treat underlying medical conditions. quitting, reducing, weight reduction for the, quinine water, and iron supplementation for those that are iron deficient. Restless leg syndrome is generally not considered curable, but treatments can substantially lessen or eradicate symptoms. Other conditions that my mimic restless leg syndrome include poor circulation to the lower extremities, and neuropathy.

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