why does farmville 2 run so slow

I actually disagree. My game runs the same at 15mbps as it does at 35mbps. I only pay for 55mbps, but I do not get a good wireless speed as I\’m 2 floors away from the router. On the standard signal, I was getting 15mbps. The only issue I had there was the occasional WAD. My son told me that the router (cause he bought it) did put out a 5G signal, but it was about half the strength of the regular signal (which would most likely be 2. 4ghz) so I wasn\’t optimistic. I tried it anyway. My internet speed is consistently in the 35 range now, and I haven\’t had a single WAD since connecting to it. So, I do believe some of the issues people have (that are internet related) are from interference in general – micro disconnects that they do not even notice elsewhere on their system. Way too fast for even windows to recognize – but causing WADs and or Progress lost. I also agree with about the processor. But I don\’t agree there is any single key to a faster game here. A good amount of memory, on top of a good strong processor (at least dual core and quad core preferred), as well as a stable internet connection (not necessarily a high speed one) will make all the difference.

My suggestions (besides buying a new computer) would not even include clearing cache for faster loading. When you clear cache, you\’re only requiring your game to download all that information again – making it load even slower. The only time you should clear cache is when you have an actual graphics bug like. your farmer suddenly has 2 heads! (Just kidding, but any animations that behave bizarrely, or any of the graphics glitches shown in the \”what weird thing happened on your farm today\” can usually be fixed with a cache clear). Zynga only stores maybe 15% of game images and animations on your system. The rest are downloaded into memory while the game is running, and they remain there until you close the game, and then get cleared when you close it. Better suggestions are to check your Task Manager for anything running in the background that might be eating up memory or hard disk.

If you find something and you\’re not sure what it is, google it before you close it. Reboot your router regularly. Depending on how many signals are in your area (usually you can figure this out by how many close neighbors you have x5, or you can download a wifi app to view local connections and their strengths) this could be once a week to once a month. All of those devices out there are routinely pinging your router to see if it can connect. Even if you are password protected, your router still has to work to process the request and issue the denial. Rebooting the router will purge that information. Sort of like clearing cache. Reboot your computer. This will purge a lot of background information and processes that have become slow over time. Everything degrades over time. Disable all non-essential plugins/extensions in your browser. The bigger your farm gets, the more lag you will experience. This is just a fact. I imagine the real trick is knowing your computer, and being comfortable with your game speed in general.

That way when it begins to slow down, you can make the oh so important decision of whether or not to continue upgrading/expanding. For more specific issues, bring the question here. Someone can usually help
Sounds like the problem I had. Play is choppy and sometimes crashed. I fixed it by disabling 1 of the 2 adobe flash players that were competing (someone else commented on this also). Type chrome://plugins in the address bar. That will bring up a list of plug-ins on your computer. Look for Adobe Flash and if you have 2 of them make sure that only the Macro Media flash player is enabled by disabling the Pepper flash payer. If you don\’t have the Macro Media player you should go to the Zynga site and look for help from them. They have a link to install the Macro Media player (I think it\’s a link, might only be instructions on how to find it – can\’t remember now). DON\’T disable the pepper flash until you have the Macro Media flash installed though. Hope this helps.

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