why do you get hiccups when you eat


And itБs not just our Eat This, Not That! co-workers. According to questions people have posted on Quora, AskReddit, Yahoo Answers, and even a site called БIs It Normal? Б this is a fairly common problem among baby carrot eaters. (If you were curious, 60 percent of IsItNormal. com users reported it
was normal to get hiccups whenever you eat carrots. ) So whatБs going on here? Is it normal to hiccup when youБre eating carrots? Should you be worried? LetБs take a closer look. Hiccups are involuntary muscle spasms of the diaphragm, which is a muscle that sits between your lungs and stomach. According to Medical News Today, the most common reason hiccups occur is because we eat too quickly. As a result, our from all the food, which can irritate your diaphragm to the point where it contracts suddenly. So where do carrots come into play? According to studies by researchers at the University of Maryland Medical Center, certain foods can cause hiccups more than others. Besides carrots, evidence supports that spicy foods, hot foods, carbonated beverages (like beer or ), and other raw veggies like cauliflower, can also cause hiccups. ThereБs no scientific proof, but some theories behind why certain individuals hiccup after eating raw carrots is because theyБre extra crunchy, which means more air goes into your diaphragm each time you eat one.


Do you have anything to be worried about? Not at all. Short-lived hiccups are harmless, and, according to Daniel Neides, MD, you should only start worrying if your hiccups last longer than a day, which Бmay indicate the presence of a medical issue that needs attention. Б Is there any way to prevent this from happening? For starters, you can try chewing the carrot thoroughly before swallowing to decrease the amount of air youБll ingest with a bigger piece. Some people suggest dipping the carrot in a dressing to help ease the chunky piece of carrot down your throat. (For an Eat This! -approved choice, we recommend or a miso vinaigrette rather than a fat-laden ranch dressing. ) Another option is to cook the carrots to soften them. While, yes, you wonБt experience that crispy crunch of a fresh carrot, what you will get is more nutrients! An International Food Research Journal report found that boiling the orange root veggie allows the human body to extract a much larger fraction of its beta-caroteneБa carotenoid that the body converts to immune-boosting, vision-protecting, and vitamin AБfrom the carrots\’ cell walls. Consider boiling them and then tossing the cooked carrots in some salt, pepper, thyme, and extra-virgin olive oil, which is rich in healthy fats that help your body absorb the vegetableБs fat-soluble vitamins.

Want to continue munching on carrots like normal? While thereБs little scientific basis to back any classic hiccup remedies up, thereБs some anecdotal evidence that an increase in carbon dioxide may help these spasms subsize. ThatБs why breathing into a paper bag or holding your breath could work, as both of these techniques increase carbon dioxide levels in your lungs, which could help relax your diaphragm. Either way you decide to tackle your carrot hiccup problem, we urge you not to give them up! Carrots are one of the best because theyБre rich in micronutrients and are sure to fill you up with their high fiber and water content without filling you out. Why do we hic-hic-hiccup? What causes \’em? Here\’s some general information about hiccups that you might not know. When you hiccup, your diaphragm and nearby convulse, causing you to briefly gulp air. Within 35 milliseconds, the glottis (the opening at the top of the air passage) slams shut, producing that familiar sound of the \”hic. \” Some of us can cure the hiccups right away, but if you hiccup more than seven times you\’d better settle in for a bumpy ride. Once started, you\’ll usually hiccup 63 times or more. Maybe a lot more.

Poor Charles Osborne had the hiccups for 69 years! What Causes Them? Hiccups are usually a reaction to your stomach and digestive system getting wonky. This happens when you eat too much, drink like soda, or swallow too much air. Some people get the hiccups for no reason at all. Other things that cause hiccups include skull fracture, tuberculosis and believe it or not, constipation (not being able to poop). Unlike, etc. , hiccups don\’t serve any purpose. They\’re just annoying and pointless! So how do you get rid of hiccups? Which remedy works best? Home remedies are usually based on the idea that you have to disrupt the hiccup cycle. Remedies include holding, breathing into a bag, pulling your tongue, sudden fright, or – get this – eating sugar. Just drinking, if done soon enough, might wash down a chunk of food in the throat that\’s pressing against a nerve. If these fail, a doctor could prescribe the drug chlorpromazine, tickle the pharynx with a hollow flexible tube through the nose, or use hypnosis or acupuncture. Not doing? You could use extreme measures. In 1833, it was recommended that you blister or burn the skin above the phrenic nerve on the neck and back. Ouch! There are endless sites with the \”perfect cure\” for hiccups, so the next time you \”hic\” head over to this site for a cure!

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