why does my laptop keep freezing when i play games


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My brand new laptop shuts down while playing games unplugged.? Does playing games (like SAMP-GTA: SA) for extensive period of time shorten my laptop s life span (significantly)?
Hey community, its been going on for about half a year now and my laptop would freeze mid game.

I have dusted it out, installed fresh os. It only happens with I play League of Legends and Starcraft. I also play Black Flag, and FIFA 14, but it never freezes for those games no matter how hot it got. I usually play 1-2 games of Starcraft or LoL before it crashes.

Sometimes it can recover and I can play again but it usually leaves a buzzing sound when it freezes and I eventually have to power it off manually. It left an error once when it recovered and said that my GPU driver was outdated, but even after i updated it, freezing still occurs.

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