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Post by romanv1 Your Professions would also have something to say about this. If your a miner/skinner and you have been vendoring things your missing out on a lot of gold. If you have not bothered getting professions yet. do so if only for the stat buffs of one sort or another you can get from most of them. The short version is AH ing stuff is better if you have the time to learn how to play the AH, and the bag space to hang on to a few things till the market looks good for it. I. E. (your numbers will be differant) On my server this morning stacks of Mageweave were selling for 10g to 15g.


This is not a good price for my server, so I will hang on to the 40 stacks of it I got. When the price hits 30g to 35g or so I will put all mine up for 29g to 30g undercut the market and get paid:)
Made 3k gold off Arcane dust Monday, just loging in to post the stuff on the AH, and then logging back in to collect my money, so on for less then 10min total. Dust prices were finnaly at a place I liked:) A player who wants to buy items that increase his effectiveness in WoW will have to find other source, many of which are not legitimate.


The safest place to buy WoW items, the popular auction site, Ebay, is not without risk. However, instead of dealing with a company that is looking to get around the rules, people selling on Ebay are looking for quick cash or to get out of the entirely. Accounts, expensive items, and any item that can be traded gets sold on Ebay or sites designed to specifically to sell World of Warcraft gear.


Private sellers are less likely to get access to someoneŠ²s account. When a player sells his World of Warcraft account, he should change his account password before the account pass hands. The buyer will need to know the former players login to take profession. If the seller is like other people, giving him the password may provide him access to many other online accounts that are not connected to online gaming.

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