why does my cat excessively scratch the litter box


– This is probably the main reason why your cat is scratching on the walls furiously. Cats love space and litter. They see this as a playground. They love to roll around, throw litter around or even scratch inside it. If the litter box is not big enough, the litter digging will translate into constant side scraping. What you need to do is invest in an extra large (XL), or even jumbo litter box. It doesn\’t mean that they are more expensive than others, just because of their size. Once you get this type of box, your
and astonished by how huge their playground has become. Scratching the sides will be the last thing on their mind. – If you already have an extra large, fancy litter box but your cat is still scratching on the sides, there is probably deficit of litter. Always pour around 3 inches of litter inside the box. If your box is filled with less than those standard three inches of litter, it would be prone to extravagant scraping. After your cat defecates, it will want to cover all of that nasty scent. If there is no litter, your cat will continue it\’s digging and swiping motion, translating to the walls of the box. It is their to do this.


Cats that live outdoors can\’t come across a problem of this kind. There is always enough sand and ground to cover their mess. – It is a rule of thumb to scoop the litter inside the box every single day and change it every week or so. This applies if you don\’t have an electronic automatic, compact litter box cabinet. If you forget to do this standard process, your cat will be effected by the bad smell that will affect the insides of the box. Cats are very clean creatures. They don\’t like the mess inside it\’s property and will do everything in their power to fix that. There comes this cat scratching litter box excessively problem. Don\’t ever for this annoying scrapping. Most of the times it is your lack of discipline for cleaning the litter box that causes this problem. – In most cases, this excessive scratching happens in hooded litter boxes. Cats think that the irritating noise they make cannot be heard outside the closed box. Some cats even scratch the lid of the box. Also, most enclosed litter boxes like the are located in a frequent area like the living room. Cat\’s love and value their privacy a lot. You should move that hooded litter box to a quiet location like the bathroom or washing room.


If you move the box and the scratching continues with the same intensity, it is time to purchase an uncovered box. You can get the same benefits of hooded box by investing in a. I came across multiple cat owners that swore that ditching the cover of the box was the fix for the issue. I agree with them. If you don\’t like to purchase another litter box, I recommend you cut the cover and letting the box be open. – This is another reason why your cat may be scratching the litter box immoderately. Cats have a compact and advanced smelling sense. They hate being near objects affected with germs and bacteria that spread nasty scent. The sense works as a defensive mechanism that keeps them away from diseases. If the feces are pretty soft and smelly, your cat try harder than normal to cover the mess. All of that desire to do this will result in excessive scratching on the sides. Also, your cat will be afraid of putting their paws in it\’s nasty poop. It will try to cover the poop by putting litter on it from a distance. If the box is not big enough, the scratches will be placed on the sides, thus resulting in annoying noise.


If this is the case, you should change the cat\’s food. It is the main reason of soft stool and smelly poop. The cat\’s poop shouldn\’t smell that bad. If it does, there may be some problem that affected the health of your lovely feline friend. This is a clear sign to bring it to the veterinarian. Itching to understand your catвs litter-scratching behavior? As puzzling as it may be, some cats simply enjoy digging and playing in their litter boxes. Most of the time, this is normal. But sometimes scratching in the litter box becomes excessive. Before you pop in the earplugs, consider that something might be frustrating her. Hereвs a list of questions to ask yourself: Is there enough litter in the box? Is the box big enough for her? Is the box kept clean? Is the box in a calm and private location? Yes to all of the above? Then maybe your cat doesnвt like her litter. Cats react differently to different products. So try another type of Tidy litter and see what she thinks. Of course, Tidy likes to be thorough. So if nothing seems to ease your catвs urge to scratch, talk to your veterinarian just in case.

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