why does my cell phone battery drain so quickly


Whether youБve got a Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Google, or any other Android phone or tablet, issues with Android battery life almost always be resolved by addressing the one thing all these devices have in common:
The Android Operating System. I m going to explain the real reasons your Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, or Google phone or tablet runs out of battery so fast and show you exactly what to do to make your Android-based phone or tablet s battery last a whole lot longer. We re going to be changing some settings on your device and the Settings menu on every device is a little bit different. If you re having trouble finding any of the settings I mention below (or if you just want to make your life easier), I highly recommend that you head to the Google Play store and download these great free apps. Don t worry, I m not getting any kickbacks for recommending these apps to you.

I ve used a bunch of battery life saving apps and these are the ones that I use on my own Android phone. If you d rather, you can do that too! б is a free app that allows you to change your deviceБs settings without delving through the complicated Settings menu. IБm going to keep things simple by telling you how to change your device s settings using the Smart Quick Settings app. If you want to use the Settings menu on your device, feel free all of these settings can be changed without downloading Smart Quick Settings, if you d prefer not to. б is a great app that gives you a quick, simple way to close out all of your apps at once. We ll cover exactly why you ll want to use it later on. For now, rest assured, it s aб huge time-saver, and well worth the download.

Now that you ve opened up Smart Quick Settings, let s walk through the settings that could be draining your battery without your knowledge. We ll get to the more secret tips on the next couple of pages. If you d like to, feel free but these are important! 1. Mobile Data Turn Off 4G If you have a smartphone, you ll see Mobile Data asб an option in Smart Quick Settings. If you don t see it, that s fine just skip to the next section. Do any of these situations apply to you? Your carrier doesnБt have 4G coverage in your area You do a lot of traveling between 3G and 4G coverage areas You simply donБt need to use 4G (because you donБt stream video on the go) If you answered yes to any of these questions, turn off 4G on your device. When you have 4G on and youБre not in an area with 4G coverage, your phone is always asking, БIs there 4G coverage here?

How about here? What about now? Б, and this constant searching uses a lot of battery life. 2. Turn Off Mobile Data Entirely (When You Can) If youБre really struggling with battery life and you travel within areas with spotty coverage, try disabling Mobile Data entirely. YouБll still be able to receive texts and make phone calls, but youБll save a lot of battery. A friend of mine has a camp in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York, and whenever I travel there I make sure to turn off Mobile Data. A good rule of thumb: The worse the coverage, the faster your battery drains. This happens because your phoneБs antenna has to work that much harder to try to find and maintain a signal. Next up: One of the biggest battery Android battery life drainers, and it has to do with an app we all use: Facebook.

You don\’t need to close apps unless something goes wrong. Swiping apps closed doesnвt save battery. But to completely turn off an app, including background services that could be using battery, you can force stop the app. To force stop and restart is like a \”hard reboot\” for an app. Important: If you force stop some essential apps or services, your device won\’t work correctly. Force stop isnвt available for all apps. Open your device\’s Settings app. Tap Apps notifications. Pick the app from the list. To see more apps, tap See all apps. If you don\’t see the list, tap App info. Tap Force stop OK. To start a stopped app, open it as usual. If the issue comes back after you start a stopped app, you can uninstall it. Note: Settings can vary by device. For your device\’s details,.

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