why does my cat touch my face with his paw


This is one way cats show affection or try to get your attention. Not all cats do this, however, but they might show this in other ways such as as kneading, gentle scratching and
etc. Cats also show affection to other animals by rubbing against them \”When your cat puts its scent on you, it\’s saying something like, \’You and I belong together because I smell you on me and you smell me on you. \’ It\’s a scent complement. \” Some cats periodically approach a relaxed owner and stretch out their paws to softly touch the owner\’s face.

The cat repeats this gentle reaching in the hope that the owner will pet it, brush it or show some affection.

Alternatively, some cats paw their owner\’s face to wake them from sleep; in this case the cat probably wants affection or play. (07-04-2013, 07:38 AM) Babble64 Wrote: I was hoping someone would answer this, because we have one who does this too.

It\’s not every time we hold her but so often she has to reach out one paw and gently rest it on our face or our neck. It\’s terribly cute and makes my heart melt (unless she exposes a claw to hold on, which she occasionally feels the need to do! ) I just like to think she loves me so much she HAS to touch me tenderly like that to show me! it is an incredibly sweet gesture.

I feel like.

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