why does my cursor keep jumping around


I just now realized my text jumping around problem. Took me nearly 4 mo to figure it out but not sure how to go about fixing it. This is what happened: I replaced the 750 harddrive in my Sony Vaio to a 1 TB drive. I then began having insanity producing text jumping. I went back to the computer store and they recommended change out the keyboard because there were a few sticky keys and they were convinced this was the problem even though I swore up and down that I did not have this text jumping prior to the change out of the hard drive despite a few sticky keys.


We then changed out the keyboard and still no change. So then the computer tech at the shop said to be careful to not touch the touchpad while typing so I did that and still no change. Now,here is the fix: I need to type with my fingers and wrists in the air without any part of my body touching the computer and then it works beautifully!!!! So there must be some interference produced when my wrists lie on the computer or possibly the weight on that part of the laptop.

I think not the latter, however. I did note that one time I was wearing a bracelet with a large magnet clasp and that kept turning off the computer. So, wd like to know if anyone else has noted this phenomena. I have not turned off the touch pad but I am certain I am not touching the touch pad.
My cursor used to jump around all over in Word, Outlook, even on websites – basically anywhere you can type after I bought Windows 7.

I\’m a touch typist, no way I was making these errors-I can type in my sleep. ( I think I have a few times way back! ) Even happened when I watched the keyboard screen. I tried a lot of things including updating Windows 7. The solution? To go to the website where I bought my computer and update all the drivers. It\’s fixed! You have no idea how annoying this problem is till you have it. Try this solution and see if it works if you have this problem.

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