why was the battle of dunkirk important


Dunkirk, and the evacuation associated with the troops trapped on Dunkirk, was called a БmiracleБ by Winston Churchill. As the Wehrmacht swept through western Europe in the spring of 1940, using Blitzkrieg, both the French and British armies could not stop the onslaught. For the people in western Europe, World War Two was about to start for real. The БPhoney WarБ was now over. The advancing German Army trapped the British and French armies on the beaches around Dunkirk. 330,000 men were trapped here and they were a sitting target for the Germans. Admiral Ramsey, based in Dover, formulated
Operation Dynamo to get off of the beaches as many men as was possible. The British troops, led by Lord John Gort, were professional soldiers from the British Expeditionary Force; trained men that we could not afford to lose. From May 26th 1940, small ships transferred soldiers to larger ones which then brought them back to a port in southern Britain.

The beach at Dunkirk was on a shallow slope so no large boat could get near to the actual beaches where the men were. Therefore, smaller boats were needed to take on board men who would then be transferred to a larger boat based further off shore. 800 of these legendary Бlittle shipsБ were used. It is thought that the smallest boat to make the journey across the Channel was the Tamzine Б an 18 feet open topped fishing boat now on display at the Imperial War Museum, London. Despite attacks from German fighter and bomber planes, the Wehrmacht never launched a full-scale attack on the beaches of Dunkirk. Panzer tank crews awaited the order from Hitler but it never came. In his memoirs, Field Marshall Rundstadt, the German commander-in-chief in France during the 1940 campaign, called HitlerБs failure to order a full-scale attack on the troops on Dunkirk his first fatal mistake of the war.

That 338,000 soldiers were evacuated from the beaches at Dunkirk would seem to uphold this view. One of the reasons put forward for not ordering an attack was that he believed that Britain had suffered from the might of the Wehrmacht once and that this experience would be sufficient for Britain to come to peace terms with Hitler. The total destruction of the British Expeditionary Force might have created such a climate of revenge in Britain that our involvement would be prolonged. That is one idea put forward for why Hitler did not order a full-scale attack on the beaches of Dunkirk Б however, we will never know the true reason.

How important was the Battle of Britain? The Battle of Britain was fought – primarily – over the skies of the south of England in the summer and autumn of 1940. How did the British win this battle, and did victory really prevent a German invasion? How could the British army escape from Dunkirk? Churchill called the successful evacuation of more than 300,000 Allied troops from Dunkirk a вmiracle of deliveranceв. But how was this вmiracleв possible? Why was the British army trapped at Dunkirk? This video reveals the secrets behind the Nazis\’ success in May/June 1940. William Walker As one of the famous вFewв, William Walker confronted German warplanes in the fierce aerial battles over Britain in 1940. Edward Oates He was part of the British Expeditionary Force which fought in France and then escaped from Dunkirk.

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