why must a business manage information as a resource


As a business our resources are the things that we have at our disposal. These things help us develop and define our business, our Product/Service and sales/pro
fits. Materials are just one resource that we use to produce our products/service so that we can make a sale/profit. Finance is another resource we use to help guide the business and engineer our growth in the future. Human resources are another resource to help the business running soomth and stay profitable. Employee input can greatly affect/benefit the business in so many ways. So is Information, Information as a resource helps bring together our company so all information is available for any purpose. That makes information our most valued asset. Bringing Information together helps; In planning/organizing the Business Keep sales on a steady up climb Create new product/Service Ideas In Marketing your Product/Service Dealing with customer wants/needs All these things help to increase sales/profit, which is why the company is in business. Information as a resource can not be ignored, it has so much possible to increase sales/profit that if ignored would mean that company never really lived up to it\’s fill potential, if it even stayed in business.


Internships are academic courses that allow students to apply classroom theory in a practical work setting and gain personal, academic and work competencies. The Management Internship Coordinator is. The, College of Business audit sheet, resume and letter from the supervisor on company letterhead detailing major responsibilities, hours, etc. , must be submitted to Ms. DeGeorge two weeks prior to the start of the semester. For this course you are expected to work a minimum of 20 hours a week for 15 weeks or a total of 300 hours per term. The internship must relate to and expand upon your management coursework. Present positions with an employer do not qualify for internship credit. Internships that deal primarily with marketing or finance, for example, will be referred to those departments. A mid-term paper and end of semester report are also expected, which describe your work experience and what you have learned while participating in the internship. The mid-term and end-of-semester papers must be at least 5 and 10 pages in length, respectively.

Each student will also be required to submit two evaluation forms by the end of the semester. The first will be an evaluation of the internship organization, which will be submitted to the Internship Coordinator. The second will be an evaluation of the Internship Coordinator, which will be submitted to the Management Department Chair. In addition, at the end of the semester, your supervisor in the internship organization will complete an evaluation of you, the student intern. A learning agreement will be signed by each student who registers for an internship and bi-weekly reports must be submitted in order to account for the completion of the mandatory hours. Internships count for three hours of elective credit toward the bachelorБs degree. Students will receive a letter grade for their internship that will be contingent upon their success in the internship and the quality of the work they submit to the internship coordinator. Applicants must be of junior or senior class standing, have a declared a major in Management, and have a minimum of a 3. 0 GPA in the Management Major, as well as a 2. 75 overall GPA. Students are required to seek Management Department approval for internship positions prior to accepting them.

Internships that work with all majors are available to all students at the University of Central Florida for elective credit through the. What can I do with this major? Management is a broad business degree that can lead to many career opportunities. Students should clearly define their career goals and seek related experiences to reach those goals. Gaining experience through part-time and summer jobs or internships is critical. Many desirable skills can be developed through participation in and leadership of student organizations. Learn to work well on a team and effectively with a wide variety of people. Strong communication skills, including public speaking, are important to achieving success in this field. Join related professional organizations and pursue certifications in your respective area of interest. Develop and utilize a personal network of contacts. Once in a position, find an experienced mentor. Consider earning an MBA after gaining work experience to reach the highest levels of business management.

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