why does my baby smile and laugh in his sleep


2. Gas
Some experts said that babies could only do social smile by the time that they are two months old. Smiles earlier than that could only mean that your baby is passing gas. This claim is unfounded, but I cannot discount it since there isnвt much research connecting babyвs laughs and sleep. Babies who always fart are more prone to colic, hence expelling extra winds can make them feel so much better. 3. REM sleep stage Babies have shorter sleep cycle. They can fall into deep sleep faster than adults. Little ones tend to laugh and cry out of the blue an hour or two into their sleep.

Thatвs because they are dreaming, as you can also see their eyes moving under those lids. Perhaps the reason your baby is laughing in sleep is that she is reliving something funny that happened during the day. Donвt interrupt and donвt wake her up during this sleep stage or sheвll go fussy. This type of reaction normally occurs at around 2 months. During this stage, your little one will start to respond to things that it finds enjoyable. Responsive smiles or laughs can be in forms of auditory or visual responses.

Your babyБs smile or laugh is only a reciprocating action based on what is senses. This helps since your baby will give you a signal whether he likes something or not. At this point, your baby is not yet exactly smiling or laughing socially. Even so, this is still the perfect time to learn what exactly are the things your baby finds pleasurable. Not only will it be fun, but at the same time, you will be able to know your newborn better. Soon, your baby will be able to exhibit a social smile.

This is the last stage for babies around 3-4 monthsБ and up. This is the most fun for both parents and the baby as the social smile means he is already connecting with you. Your baby will start to learn that it can also get your attention by smiling. He might start to laugh when they recognize your face as part of their excitement. At this stage, you can try to interact more with your baby. Perfect examples would include talking to your baby, cuddling, and making funny faces. Since they are now expressing happiness, not only will you see smiles but also some movements.

This can include moving their arms or legs while laughing. There is no limit on what movements, or actions you can do to create a special bond between you and your little angel. Above all, you will be able to identify if your offspring exhibits social smile. You can do this by checking when and how long they are smiling. Social smiles have a longer duration compared to first two smiles. Not only are they genuinely happy but they are also aware why.

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