why does my computer lose internet connection


Hi In Device Manager expand the Network Adapters entry and then look for any entry with Dell Wireless in its title. Right click on the entry and select Properties then select Driver. Check to see if the driver is Version: 7. 35. 333. 0,A04. If it is you have the latest driver already installed. If it is a lower version number, here is a link to the
for your laptop. Ensure that the OS category on the page specifies Win 10-64bit then scroll down to find Dell Wireless 1704/1708 WiFi driver Download and install the driver and see if it makes a difference. If you still experience problems even with the latest driver installed then perhaps you could try downloading and installing a.


It will give information regarding your WiFi network. By looking at the results in the program you can identify your network, check the WiFi signal strength being received by your laptop, you may have a loose WiFi aerial connection in the laptop for example (remember the dBm values shown by the program are -ve values, so the higher the number the lower the strength of the signal), how many other nearby WiFi networks are sharing the same channel etc, If there are more networks sharing the same WiFi channel, switch the channel in your router to a quieter one, i. e. one with no appearances in the scanner program channel list or one with the least.

Hello all, Ive got an issue that is seriously annoying me now. ATLEAST once a day my internet connection drops for a few minutes and comes back up. Since i was using an old router i figured it would be that. So i went to the store and bought a new router. However this did not fix the problem. So i figured it might be the wireless card i had installed in my computer. Bought a set of PLAs to fix that issue but still no go.

SInce the only thing that comes across my mind is the actual motherboard being broken for some reason, i replaced that aswell. However this STILL does not fix the problem and im out of ideas. Im really getting tired of my connection dropping when im gaming for example and thus why im asking you guys. This happens only to my PC. My laptop, my moms laptop, my bros laptop, and my moms PC work fine and dont lose connection. Even when im sitting in the same room with my laptop, the connection is fine. So i hope you guys can give me a few ideas that might help me out. Regards,

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