why does my computer lock up on facebook


If you look at your task manager while facebook is open and go to processes you will see that every time you click on something on face book the memory usage jumps to very high numbers and if you click on more than one thing it continues to climb. Then look at your facebook page at the ads to the side, they are ads from different things you have looked at online, like tigerdirect or amazon, so not only is there a feed coming into your computer using memory there is a feed going out of your computer that allows facebook to see everything you click on for purchases and interests so that they can have advertisments catered to your interests and advertisers pay them good money for this.

Anyway all of this back and forth takes a lot of memory from your computer and sometimes will lock up your web browser. I know some will tell you this is not true, but after doing the task manager you may decide I am right.
Facebook, the social networking site, is a complex website running many processes at once. At any given time, you may have running a chat program, a Flash-based game and other processes to manage the rest of the page. These processes can cause your browser or your computer to freeze.

There are several possible causes, so learn what steps to take to quickly fix the problem. According to Facebook, it has 750 million active users at the time of publication. Even with many servers running, sometimes the servers that handle all that internet traffic get bogged down. This can cause Facebook to slow or even freeze. Try reloading the page for increased speed. Some browsers have trouble managing the many concurrent aspects of Facebook, especially when Facebook is in the middle of making changes. If Facebook freezes, reload the page to see if it s just a browser problem.

If that doesn t work, try closing the browser and restarting it. As a last resort, try opening Facebook in a different browser. For a frozen browser that won t reload or close, you ll need to force the browser to quit. Hold down Ctrl-Alt-Delete to display a list of running programs. Select the browser and click Force Quit to close the browser. This usually un-freezes the rest of the computer. If your entire computer is frozen, it s probably because when the browser froze, it interfered with other sub-processes in the computer. The best way to fix this is to restart the computer.

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