why men like to be called daddy


For some the thought of calling a man daddy in bed never crossed their mind but for others the thought of the word daddy sets off all the right signals to them. It is easy to believe that just men enjoy it and women do it to make them happy, but actually
y. However for some people the thought of it is confusing leaving them wondering why do men like to be called daddy. To first understand why do men like to be called daddy, we first have to look at what a daddy is to a girl. A father is one of the most influential people in a girlвs life. For a long time he and her mother are the power, authority and caretaker over her and a great deal of the person she becomes is due to their influence or in some cases lack of influence. So as we can see the reasons for why a man likes to be called daddy doesnвt have to do with the fact he actually wants to be her father but rather what the father represents.

Making one of the main reasons в One of the main themes of being a man in todayвs society is being dominant. When a girl calls a man daddy she is essentially giving him a large mental boost implying that he is one of, if not the mostВ dominant man in her life at that moment. This also is her saying that she agrees to be the submissive one in the relationship at that moment. For some girls being dominated is a great feeling and some men love being the person of dominance. In the past the most dominant male was the leader and such most women were drawn to the most dominant male due to his power and authority. Though this isnвt as much of a driving force for men and women as it was in the past, there is still is residual feelings of that in todayвs world. Who attracts the most women? Powerful men and who do men strive men to be?

Powerful men. So in way a girl calling her man daddy is their way of fulfilling that fantasy. Now I donвt expect after reading this article that guys and girls around the world around the world will suddenly change their mind causing an upswing in this trend but I hope it does open up some eyes to the reasons why do men like to be called daddy. Got to love the numbers of completely clueless answering this question. br / DaddY is an authoritative an caretaking position, the role of father is head of house, the boss. A lot of women and men enjoy using terms like Daddy, Boss, Big Guy, Master, Sir, etc in bed. It is a clear throwback to the very instinctual nature of primacy: he asserts himself as the alfa, she declares to him by her posture by her words that he is king, that right now he is in complete control of her and that she is submitting, offering no resistance and even glorifying him in that moment as the Superior force.

It s very visceral and raw. When a woman calls him Daddy she is saying in no uncertain terms that he is Master of the situation. Men who like being called Daddy or Sir etc in bed, enjoy it because it buffs their ego without pretention. br / Women who use the words are defaulting to a structure of heirarchy they understand and feel comfortable with. Some women actually use the word King, or say Baby you re a God etc – it s all designed for the same purpose, to bump his ego and push him over the edge while at the same time psychologically also reaffirming to herself her need to feel his power (virility) her desire to become one with him etc. br / Has nothing to do with ******, nothing to do with **********. Nice try though kids. Back to the drawing board with you.

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