why does my computer keep rebooting itself


1. Please run the free online virus scanner at the links below:
2. Take off the computer cover, clean out the inside, check fans, then run the computer w/cover off. 3. Click on Start-Programs-Start Up. If there are any listings in the Start Up area, you need to delete as many as you can. (Right click the listing and choose \’Delete\’) Please remember that these are just shortcuts to programs and not actual program files, so its safe to delete them. Don\’t get rid of some that you really like like Microsoft Shortcut Bar or any others that you really want on the screen when it starts. Then click on Start-Run, in the typing area put \’msconfig\’ (without the quotes), press Ok.

When the System Configuration Utiltiy box opens, click on the Start Up tab. You will see a number of listings with boxes and check marks in them. These are programs that run at start up. You can safely uncheck many of the boxes. Don\’t uncheck System Tray, Scan Registry, or your Virus Scan startup programs. After you? re done, click \’Apply\’, then 0K, and the computer will ask you to restart. Do it and then check your resources again. Hopefully they are much higher. (Don\’t worry too much, if you make a mistake you can always go back to this box and put a check back in any of the listings you want) If you have any questions about which programs to UNCHECK in \’msconfig\’, post back, or check for yourself at this site: At this site, wait for the page to load completely, then scroll down to the \’The Programs\’ section and click on the \’Full List\’ link.

You should be able to find most programs you have questions about. Hope this helps. Everytime I launch a game on my PC (Fallout 4, Witcher 3, GTA 5) my pc just shuts off and then automatically reboots itself. This started 2 days ago when I started to play with MSI Afterburner. I recently SLI\’d my Zotac GTX 970s and I just found out how to monitor my 2 GPU\’s usage and temperature. I noticed that my main card got up to 80 degrees while the second was 10 degrees below it even if both were pulling the same load.

Even though that card didn\’t go above 80 degrees, I got worried and went into MSI afterburner and put the fan speeds at auto. Now this is when my PC started to restart itself. The Main GPU would stay cooler for a little while longer until reaching 80 degrees and at that point the fan is working 50% and above. This is when my Computer would just shut off and automatically reboots itself. Basically my PC didn\’t do this until I put the fan speeds at auto. I want to know what is wrong with my PC. Is my GPU\’s heat the problem? Should I just leave the fan speeds alone and leave it at default? Is my PSU the problem? Case- CPU- Motherboard- GPU- GPU- PSU-

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