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During the current season, Mr. Kimmel Б who, like Mr. Colbert, has made himself into a politically engaged monologuist Б has seen his audience grow by 4 percent. Recently, he enjoyed a
after he dissected the legislative attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act. He made the issue personal by letting his audience in on the details of his infant sonБs medical procedures for a rare heart defect. Mr. Fallon has mostly stuck with his fun-and-games persona. While Mr. Colbert follows his monologues with earnest interviews, Mr. Fallon engages guests with game-show-like segments. During a recent episode, he led the actor Denzel Washington and the basketball star Stephen Curry in a game of (a butternut squash, a skateboard) into a basketball hoop. On Monday night, Mr. Fallon went Amazon Echo Show for two minutes. Mr. Fallon does deploy an impression of Mr. Trump, but it lacks bite. His inability to capitalize on the political moment has been an outlier for the network, which has had late-night ratings successes thanks to caustic sketches centered on the president on БSaturday Night Live,Б not to mention Seth MeyersБs lawyerly satirical segments on БLate NightБ at 12:35 a. m.


Mindful of Mr. FallonБs sunny nature, NBC executives had hoped that Mr. ColbertБs surge in the wild early days of the Trump presidency would die down once the national mood had settled. They envisioned a time when this pair of temperamentally different hosts would trade victories week to week. But in the closing days of 2017, audiences have not returned to the network for Mr. FallonБs wide-eyed style. Indeed, the November numbers show Mr. Colbert widening the gap, with a lead over Mr. Fallon of 1. 1 million viewers. The late night schedule was a little again this fall after David Letterman left and Stephen Colbert took over the reigns on The Late Show. Sometimes newcomers manage to shake up the game, but a few months into the fall schedule, it looks like Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show are going to remain king.


In fact, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is quietly getting more and more popular. Tuesday s episode was actually the highest-rated episode the series has seen in the past 10 months. Take that, Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert. A new report this morning indicates that The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon garnered a 3. 4 rating in the 56 metered market households that are studied in the US. NBC s statement doesn t point this part out, but that s totally kicking ass against the competition. Tuesday night s airing of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert brought in a 1. 9 rating in the metered markets. Jimmy Kimmel Live! came in at third place with a 1. 7 rating. Fallon s been the other late night hosts for some time, so this shouldn t come as a huge surprise for those keeping tabs on the numbers.

However, the fact that Fallon s numbers hit a 10-month high is more impressive. NBC s late night game is wholly on point right now. Late Night with Seth Meyers is also doing well in the ratings, and NBC says Tuesday\’s episode was quite a good one for the show, as Seth Meyers late night program actually managed to tie Kimmel s with a 1. 7 in the metered market households. That s not too shabby for a show that airs an hour later when a lot of individuals have gone to bed. Of course, one of the reasons Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers may have gotten a boost last night was that the new late night episodes coincided with the Season 9 finale of NBC s The Voice. While that show is not as prominent on NBC as it once was, it still does quite well in the ratings over at the network. While the numbers 12%, the show still did more than 12 million total viewers, which is pretty impressive. And since the show aired at 9 p. m.

ET instead of the traditional 8 p. m. ET slot, it s easy to see how those ratings could have held when late night came around. Even if Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers should be thanking The Voice somewhat for the tick up in numbers, both shows are doing well even without the support of the singing competition series. Fallon has been growing more and more popular since he first took over The Tonight Show timeslot. His celebrity games, generally and ability to go viral on a more frequent basis have all contributed to setting him apart from his competitors and we don\’t see this slowing down anytime soon. Luckily for the other late night hosts, Fallon particularly cocky about his position and is rather than try to destroy his other late night hosts. Which is probably why we like him so much in the first place. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon airs on weeknights at 11:35 p. m. ET. In addition, what is coming up at midseason.

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