why does my brake light fuse keep blowing


The simplest possibility is the bulbs (brake light bulbs) on the circuit have corroded and the contacts have melted such that they touch creating a short. Another bulb related fault occurs if the filaments in a dual filament bulb short together. If the problem is not found in the bulbs or contacts, basically any wire, ground, or component in the fused circuit is a possible cause. Failures can often be simple insofar as cause so of course check the bulbs and terminals carefully first. If not successful, YourMechanic can fix this for you, on a mobile basis, at significant savings over taking the car to a shop.

If you want a certified mechanic to both diagnose the issue and perform the required repairs simply request an. Obviously, it is not recommended to use a higher capacity fuse, even on a momentary basis as you can ruin other parts of the circuit and components.
Can\’t tell you that, but I can give you some generalizations. On many newer cars the rear turn signal and the brake light are totally different bulbs. That makes connecting trailer wiring very complicated for car owners but it simplifies the signal switch, which is all the manufacturers care about.

With those, all three brake lights will be wired together and will have a single fuse for the entire circuit. On older cars like yours, and everything I drive, the same bulb is used for the brake light and the turn signal. The two left and right signal / brake lights need to be on separate circuits, and both of them are separate from the center brake light. Turn signals feed from the flasher which usually has its own fuse, and the center brake light will have IT\’S own fuse,.

Usually. The center brake light would still be protected if it only had the brake light fuse. The clue there would be which fuse(s) blow. If the wire going to the center brake light was grounded, creating a dead short, it would blow its fuse or the brake light circuit fuse, but not the signal fuse. If the right brake / signal wire was grounded, that would blow the brake light fuse when the brake pedal was pressed and the signal fuse when the right signal was turned on, but not when the left signal was turned on.

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