why does my boyfriend stay out all night

Yes going out with the guys is perfectly fine, hubby doesn\’t need to stop drinking just because we did. BUT. I bet you your husband called you, I bet he didn\’t ignore you, I bet he didn\’t lie to you about where he was, i bet he didn\’t stay out until 6 am and I bet he didn\’t do this numerous times through your pregnancy.???? There is a HUGE difference between the two. If this is how your husband behaves, then god help you and your relationship. OP your boyfriend is an immature, lying, shady boy. I would definitely guess he\’s cheating, if not he\’s doing drugs- no one stays out drinking until 6am drinking with out something else involved.

He lies to you about where he is, and one of the most important things is- he isn\’t helping you. He sleeps all day then stays out all night, you\’re carrying HIS CHILDREN, twins!! And he doesn\’t help you? You deserve more! You deserve honestly, you deserve loyalty, you deserve someone who is there for you while you carry their children in a high risk pregnancy. You certainly deserve a damn phone call or a damn text. Leave him. You will feel better. What is he bringing to the table? What joy does he give you? How does he contribute?
For the past month, there have been 3 times where my boyfriend has stayed out all night.

He doesn\’t text, he doesn\’t call. He just comes in the house around 10 or 11am the next day. When we initially moved together, him staying out all night was a problem. He apologized and hasn\’t done it for a while. Now, he\’s started again. The first time it happened this month, I didn\’t make a big deal because it wasn\’t a regular thing. This last time he\’s done it, I ended the relationship. He just keeps apologizing and nothing ever changes. When I asked him how he would feel if every time I went out with my friends, he didn\’t know if I would come back home that night.

Of course he stated that he would be pissed, and blah blah blah. I have stayed and helped him with his drinking issues. I have compromised with him through all the times he stayed out all night last year, and I\’m tired. I feel like he is disrespecting me, our home, and this relationship. I don\’t ask much from him, and even me asking this is too much. I\’m sad and feel like just balling up in the covers listening to sad songs and crying myself to sleep. No, I don\’t want to be without him but I have to have respect for myself, and I demand respect from someone whom I have always respected. Was I wrong?

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