why does it say blocked plug in on youtube


Hi John,
Shockwave Flash 11. 9 r900 Б from file \”Flash Player. plugin\” Went to Adobe website to downlaod Flash Player and went through the three steps and then gave me the adobe screen. Went to YouTube and opened one video successfully. Tried another and the message \’Flash Player needs to be installed\’. Went to try another and the orignal video played again. Tried Ое (Apple) menu and select System Preferences. Check for the presence of a Flash Player preference pane – did not appear I sometimes see the Blocked Plug in as a \’ghost on the screen on other websites, but the only message I can see in YouTube is \’Requires Flash Player\’ Hardware Information: iMac (21. 5-inch, Mid 2011) iMac – model: iMac12,1 1 2. 7 GHz Intel Core i5 CPU: 4 cores Video Information: System Software: Mac OS X 10. 6. 8 (10K549) – Uptime: 0 days 1:10:35 Disk Information: WDC WD1001FALS-403AA0 disk0 : (931. 51 GB) Macintosh HD (disk0s2) /: 931. 19 GB (780. 48 GB free) USB Information: Apple Inc.

FaceTime HD Camera (Built-in) Apple Inc. BRCM2046 Hub Apple Inc. Bluetooth USB Host Controller Apple Computer, Inc. IR Receiver FireWire Information: Thunderbolt Information: Apple, Inc. iMac Kernel Extensions: Problem System Launch Daemons: org. samba. winbindd. plist Problem System Launch Agents: com. apple. Kerberos. renew. plist Launch Daemons: com. microsoft. office. licensing. helper. plist Launch Agents: User Launch Agents: com. facebook. videochat. colinmann. plist User Login Items: 3rd Party Preference Panes: Internet Plug-ins: iPhotoPhotocast. plugin JavaAppletPlugin. plugin QuickTime Plugin. plugin SharePointBrowserPlugin. plugin Silverlight. plugin User Internet Plug-ins: Picasa. plugin Bad Fonts: Top Processes by CPU: Top Processes by Memory: Virtual Memory Statistics 1. 64 GB Free RAM 1. 40 GB Active RAM Hi Ankushr40215001, 1.

Launch Adobe Muse CC (latest build). 2. File – New Site. 3. Name the site and save it to the local drive. 4. Open the default home page 5. Uploaded a video onto my YouTube channel 6. Once the video has finished uploading and parsering, I select the option to Unlist the video (I\’ve also tried this with a Public movie too though) 7.

I copy-paste the video ID segment from YouTube – Minus the relevant URL portions, so for instance, my live URL is:. however, I just use the ID after the \”v=\” segment, so my ID in this case would be: 8. I then go back to Muse. Open the Widgets Library, select the Social section, choose and drag out the YouTube widget onto the Muse page. 9. Now at this stage what SHOULD happen is the default YouTube Muse video promo (ID = 8eDuupJ9Uus) should already be loaded into the box and you should get a screen preview. Instead I get this: 10. Regardless, I access the fly-out menu for the YouTube social widget and paste in my jx82mM9KoaY ID for the video hosted on YouTube.

Again, no video preview plays. When I preview it, nothing displays but the above description, also. Now, I can also copy-paste that Youtube video URL into Chrome, Safari and Firefox on the same Mac and it plays flawlessly each and every time. Just not in Muse. As a side-note, I\’ve also restarted, run disk utility on my file privileges and run FSCK from the command line at startup. In each event no issues were found to fix. The only thing I\’ve found related to this issue is the article noted above in the first comment I wrote. And as I said, the uninstaller for Flash is not available for download, so that\’s not a valid solution. Cheers, Craig W.

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