why does it not rain in the desert


Have you ever wondered? Why does it rain so little in the desert? WhatP time of year does it rain? How much rain does a desert get in a year? How do heavy rains effect the desert? Did you know? PDeserts get about 10 inches of rain a year. P There are different reasons they get so little rain. P Some deserts are near the equator where the air is very dry. P Some deserts are in the middle of a continent. P By the time the wind gets there, it has little moisture.


P Some deserts are near mountains that block the rain. P
PPP Rainy seasons are July to September. P Many desert storms are violent. After a heavy rainP there are flash floods. P Dry stream channels are called arroyos or wadis. Some of these channels are dangerous because they fill up with water fast. PPP More people drown in the desert than die of thirst. P If rain falls it stays dry in deserts because the sand absorbs the water.


PP PDeserts have fog. P There is fog in coastal deserts like Atacama,Chile and Namid of Africa. P PP PCold deserts get snow. PP PLakes are generally shallow, temporary and salty. When small lakes-dry up,they leave saltP crusts or hardpan. Written by Mauriana Korbini and Paige Beasley I d need to research this for more detail but will attempt to answer off the top of my head, Geography and Geology were my wife s subject. р It does actually rain occasionally in the Sahara, averaging a few mm/Year only, just not as much as the non dessert land around it.

Desserts are formed by a combination of local Geography/Geology and prevailing weather systems. There are far drier places than the Sahara where it hasn t rained for years, such as the Atacama dessert in south America.

I think parts of it have gone through periods where it hasn t rained for HUNDREDS of years. The Atacama is only the second driest on Earth, the driest being the McMurdo dry valleys in Antarctica, where they have even found some bacteria, living INSIDE rocks. I had a chat with my wife (a former Geologist) about this recently, having watched an episode of Top Gear where the guys were driving across the Atacama Dessert. Mad! р

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