why does god want us to worship him


I don\’t like how you use this argument at all. Blaming God or even religious people for the evils of slavery is old hat and only marginally justifiable at best. I could use the same reasoning to blame Charles Darwin for the Holocost, or atheism for the 10 million victims of Soviet oppression. Just so you know, the one group of people responsible for more torture and murder of peaceful people who happened to believe in God are atheists (look at the ridiculously bloody history of Eurasian Communism, a self-proclaimed and dedicated atheist movement that specifically targeted religious groups). But that would be just as invalid a point as what you have made. All I say is that it is supremely arrogant of people in general to believe that everything in the universe can be explained by our current philosophy. That\’s exactly why early scientists like Galileo and Copernicus were so sorely persecuted, their ideas opened up the possibility for the established understanding of the universe to be wrong. Eventually the scientific community prevailed, and yes, we now have a greater understanding of the world. But we are now coming to a point where the scientific establishment is starting to become the oppressor themselves. When people propose ideas that fly in the face of the establishment (science now, instead of religion), they get the same passionately dismissive reaction that the Medieval Catholic church gave to the early scientists.


I worry that history may repeat itself. Again. As for miracles, not once did I say that they prove God or Christianity or anything of the like. I believe they are evidence of God, but proof is something else entirely. They do prove one thing to those who dogmatically insist on the modern interpretation of science, and Shakespeare said it better than I can: \”There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. \” The universe is much bigger and more complex than any and all humans could ever understand.
Can you please explain why Allah, with all His might, desired His creation to worship him? I am an engineer and I have built several things. The essence of that engineering has always been to create a manifestation of ones knowledge and prowess with an expected result being the betterment of humanity through its proper use. The purpose or objective being to do something useful either quicker, faster, cheaper or more efficiently, an engineer never designs or builds anything to praise his prowess. With that humanly context in mind, I feel I need a little more elaboration on worship of Allah being the essence of the religion.

According to the Qur n, worshiping God is in fact the aim of creation of human being (51:56). God the Almighty does not need us to worship him. On the contrary it is us who need to worship Him. We need to worship Him because only by worshiping Him we will be able to purify ourselves and therefore make ourselves qualified enough to get close to Him who is the source of excellence and to be in His everlasting paradise. When you worship some one you will try to do your best to do what he likes you to do and to refrain from what he does not like you to do. Since God is the source of all the good and excellence naturally the one who worships Him will also be in the path of excellence. Another point is that worshipping God is not simply limited to (say) five daily Prayers and fasting a month every year. The verse that refers to worshiping as the purpose of creation of human being (51:56) uses the verb \’Ya\’bud n\’. \’Ya\’bud n\’ comes from the root \’abada\’ which refers to \’being a servant of some one\’ and from here we will have \’Abd/Ibad\’ which is servant/s. The point I am trying to make is that the ritual worshiping is only the formal demonstration of us being servant of God. In a way, our ritual worshiping is a manifestation of us being His servants. We need to feel and act as His servant all the time in our daily life in order to make this manifestation (worshiping Him) as satisfactory as possible.

Therefore when we read that the aim of creation is to worship God we need to realise and appreciate the deep and the vast meaning and implication of the statement. God created us from absolute nothing to give us a chance to become good enough (purified enough) to get close to Him and to stay close to Him in His heaven. We can get good enough (purified enough) by worshiping (\’Ib dah of) Him which is a manifestation of being His true servant in all aspects of our life. There is no feeling more powerful, more assuring and more peaceful than the feeling of being a servant of the Lord and the Creator of the world. When God refers to some of the greatest human beings in the face of Earth (Ibr h m, Ish q, Ya\’q b), He refers to them with the word ib din (our servants), 38:45. There is a close link between what makes us successful in the hereafter, that is purification, and worshiping God: 87:14-15 God talks about His true servants with a sense of pride. Being His true servant is in fact a privilege: 17:1, 25:63, 38:45, 89:29, 38:41, 54:9, 19:2, 18:1 There is a negative link between being God\’s servant and being deceived by Satan or to follow him or his agents: 17:65, 16:36

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