why do the veins in my hands hurt


Our circulatory system comprises of many vital organs as well as minute parts that aid in the smooth distribution of blood throughout the body. Two of the main keys in distributing blood from the heart towards the different parts of our body are arteries and veins. Arteries distribute the blood coming from the heart to the vital parts of the body such as the different organs, our head, arms, and legs. On the other hand, the main function of veins in the circulation of blood is that these blood vessels are responsible for completing the circulation of blood back into the heart. Now, when veins are subject to pressure, they usually change and form an abnormal discomfort such as varicose veins.

When this happens, the person may feel painful veins in hands. There are a number of causes for these painful veins in hands, but the symptoms are more important for you to find out quickly if you have varicose veins and eventually be able to do what you can to treat it. Varicose veins are dilated and twisted veins that usually occur in any part of our body but most commonly in the legs. When the veins start to leak, there is increased pressure that prevents the blood from properly draining. Once this happens, veins will start to appear near the skin s surface and give an unsightly appearance. Do as much rest as you can with your legs elevated as this can help the veins from leaking.

For mild cases of varicose veins, elastic compression stockings can ease the symptom but not permanently removing the varicose. If obesity is the main cause, weight loss is advised. Physicians also prescribe the sclerosing solution injected into the vein is effective to close it. If the varicose veins get worse, the person may undergo ligation and stripping to remove the vein when necessary.
Vaso-constriction – Cortisol contracts mid-size arteries. People with low cortisol (as in advance stages of adrenal fatigue) have low blood pressure and reduced reactivity to other body agents that constrict blood vessels.

Cortisol tends to increase blood pressure that is moderated. Might be a good idea to get your cortisol levels checked. I know mine have been way off in the past, and I too have this problem. It comes and goes with my treatment for adrenal fatigue. Also the veins are made of conective tissue, and you could take something to strengthen them like L-proline, which is natural amino acid. I take it every day, and it seems to happen less, but Im not sure if it is the lproline or the adreal support that is helping it. all this weirdness started when I started having hormonal issues. My thyroid, and Insulin was off at frst. Then I had low blood pressure, and low body temp.

No doctor could tell me why, but they seemed to be able to treat it to make me feel better with natural hormones. DHEA, and AMour. A new doctor thought it was my adrenals and put me on Adrenal Dessicated, and it worked much better then the hormones, so I got of the hormones. Now my blood pressure, blood sugar, temps, and hormones eem ok, so this doctor is on to something. My veins feel better as well. So there me be some connection between the cortisol levels and the vein issue. I also appear to be allergic to something Im eating which he seems to think is causing a lot of this. I go in for allergy testing soon. I think it is worth checking out.

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