why do you drink water before an ultrasound


You really don\’t have to drink that much water. It helps to have some water on your bladder, but I definitely didn\’t have 32 oz. They do some pushing on you and I would be afraid of having to go too. Once you are in there and laying down looking at your child though you do kind of forget everything else that is going on. The time passes pretty quickly too with all the measurements they are making of your baby. Our doctor\’s office wasn\’t even going to tell us the sex, we had to make sure we specifically asked the tech about it, because it\’s not a medical procedure so they only do what the insurance company pays them to do.


She said we\’ll try to see what it is and fortunately they were able to. Try just a small bottle of water, because really 32 oz does seem excessive!
Yeah I was told the ol 1Ltr of water two hours before, and no peeing thing for an u/s that I had (when I was having pains before I was even thinking about becoming pg). Well I was pacing the waiting room in agony with sweat dripping off me (I guess the water needed to escape somehow).


The u/s lady put the machine on my belly and said oh gosh you are way too full. So I went and let out half as instructed. But the same happened again – so she said the amount you let out just then, let out the same. Well by the time I went back in I was more than comfortable. Nut hit it on the head about the hydration, they tell people that amount to cover all those people that aren t drinking enough during the day and aren t hydrated. For my first OB appointment I rocked up and they asked me if I had drank any water in preparation for a quick u/s.


I said no, so I was given two glasses in the waiting room and I was in her office within five minutes of drinking it. Having blabbered on I would say, if you go to the toilet a fair bit during the day just make sure you are drinking plenty of water over the day and go to the toilet when you feel the need. I would say that if you keep on sipping the water (even in the waiting room) you would be right with going to the toilet before you leave home/work/wherever for you app. If that makes sense.

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