why does chalk paint adhere so well


I love using chalk paint or plaster based paint,but I wanted to share with you the truth about chalk paint. I have been using chalk based paint for almost three years,the reason is is so wonderful is because it adheres to so many different surfaces. But there seems to be some misconceptions about expectations chalk based paint. The truth about chalk paint is yes it will adhere to most surfaces,but
not all. If a piece is not properly cleaned well before painting, chances are that it won t adhere. It s not a miracle paint,it won t make painting your kitchen cabinets any easier then priming and painting. But if you are looking for a paint that will sand easier then yes this paint is wonderful. I am sharing this because some of you know a very good friend of mine is selling a plaster based paint in her shop. And some seem to think that chalk based paint is a miracle paint. Well it s not,yes it does do amazing things but only if you use it as it was meant to be used. I think of it as an artists paint,fun it you are looking for a vintage look. But if you are wanting to use this because you want to skip priming and painting then you will be sadly disappointed. Why because as I said this is meant to look aged,so you will have to sand it,you will have brush marks.


This paint is not about perfection,but for beautiful imperfection. You cannot be a perfectionist and use this paint,because perfection is not what you should be looking for when using a chalk based paint. The truth about chalk based paint is that it is a wonderful product to use if you are seeking a vintage look. It adheres to most surfaces,and sands well which makes it much easier and faster to do a project. I have used chalk based paint on many surfaces already and I have been very happy with the results. My advice is to experiment on cheap pieces before you paint your beautiful dining room set or your kitchen cabinets. Find pieces at garage sales or flea markets and experiment. I have never been afraid to just go for it when starting projects because I know if I don t like it then it can be fixed. But some will panic if things don t turn out just as they wanted and then instead of thinking about the right way to do it they just jump back in for an easy fix. And usually they are not happy with the result. The truth about chalk paint is that it is a wonderful product and tool to use for distressing furniture and other pieces. But it s not going to perform miracles,so please follow the directions,take a workshop and please practice on pieces first before attempting,unless you are like me a risk taker.


Then you must know the consequences. That sweet chandelier I shared in my photos was a recent thrift find. To actually use it as a light source, I would need to rewire it but I really did not need a working one,so I just painted it using Vintage Market design paint,using one coat of Dove and one coat ofВ Sweet Pea. Instead of sanding it I just used an old t-shirt and some water. I sprayed the water on the t-shirt and wiped off the paint on the chandelier. It still gives it that aged look without sanding it. And I did not wax it because it is just going to hang in my family room. The pink works perfectly with my pink shutters hanging on my wall and my sweet faded blanket I just found and added to our sofa. With all thisPwarm weather comes outdoorPadventures and fun in the sun! If you ve recently pulled your patio furniture fromPhibernationPand it s looking a little worn and tired,Plisten up. P I have just the thing for you DIY ers that will livenPthings up BrightenPupPyour outdoor furniture with Chalk/Mineral Paint! exterior surfaces. Brand-name or HMC-Paints adhere to all different types of surfaces. Metal, plastic, wood, cane, wicker, even brick and concrete.


Annie Sloan has painted the outside of her Oxford shop with her amazing Chalk Paint. And check out this exterior wall painted with Vintage Home Pin lovablePBoulder City Nevada. If Chalk/Mineral Paint can look amazing and withstand the outdoor elements ofPthe intense desert heat, it can transform your patio furniture into something amazingPtoo. I tested this theory onPa sadPlooking cane love-seat that has seen better days. It was re-styled and refreshedPusingPHomemade Chalk/Mineral PaintP Pin Island Coral. The paint color was actuallyPnameless because itPwasPa $3 mistint I purchased at HomeDepot. butPIFPit had had a name I m sure it would have been called Island Coral. This was the 2nd piece I ve sprayed with and once again I really like the results. To protect this piece from the outdoor elements, I sealed it with Varathane s Water Based Diamond Outdoor Wood Finish in Satin. The topcoat (x3) was also sprayed on with my spray-gun. With the proper cushions, this patio love seat is sure to bring smiles. Have you ever used Chalk Mineral Paints for outdoor furniture or exterior purposes? P I d love to hear how it turned out for you! Enjoy you day, Filed Under:, Tagged With:,

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