why does cat urine smell like ammonia


If your cat is not getting enough fluids, his urine will be more condensed and smell stronger of ammonia. If your cat s urine smells stronger than usual, a veterinarian can determine if the problem is dehydration. The solution is to make sure Fluffy always has clean water to drink. Place extra bowls of water in places where the cat can reach. Consider feeding Fluffy canned cat food as it contains water. Strong ammonia smell is also one of the more minor symptoms of lower urinary tract infection. Take him to the vet as quickly as possible if he s straining to urinate or has blood in his urine.
Waste products in urine often have an odor, but urine is usually diluted enough that the waste products donвt smell.


However, if the urine becomes more concentrated в meaning there is a greater amount of waste products in relation to fluids в the urine is more likely to smell like ammonia. Urea is one of the waste products found in urine. Itвs a byproduct of the breakdown of protein and can be broken down further to ammonia in certain situations.


Therefore, many conditions that result in concentrated urine can cause urine that smells like ammonia. Stones in the bladder or kidneys can build up due to excess waste products in the bladder. Additional symptoms of bladder stones include: Bladder stones themselves can be caused by a variety of conditions. Not having enough fluid circulating in the body means the kidneys are more likely to hold onto water, yet release waste products. As a result, the urine may be more concentrated and smell like ammonia.


If your urine is darker in color and youвre passing only small amounts of urine, you may be dehydrated. A bladder infection or other infection impacting the urinary tract can lead to urine that smells like ammonia. Other symptoms associated with a UTI include: In most cases UTIs are caused by bacteria. Sometimes urine smells like ammonia due to a unique combination of foods. This is not usually cause for concern unless itвs accompanied by other uncomfortable symptoms.

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