why is us netflix better than uk


If you\’re in the UK and feel like you\’re missing out on US Netflix content, that\’s because you probably are. In fact, you\’re probably missing a massive amount, as the latest figures from Netflix show. The US has the largest library, with 5,638 titles
as of October 26. Compare that to us Brits, who have 4,693 titles. Netflix in Canada has more content than the UK with, while Australia comes in behind the others with. It\’s worth pointing out that the vast difference in what\’s on offer isn\’t really Netflix\’s fault, since each country has different licensing deals affecting what it can and can\’t show. Netflix UK has also been steadily adding TV shows and movies over the past year it\’s up from around 3,200 this time last year. Digital Spy reached out to Netflix for comment. In other news, market research company Nielsen recently claimed that it, which the streaming giant is famously elusive about. It comes as part of a new system for measuring audience data on VOD subscription platforms generally. \”There are about 12,000 shows that appear on Netflix that have not been measured in the past,\” Megan Clarken, a Nielsen executive, told. \”This provides measurement across some 12,000 of those assets, and we will extend it to the SVOD services that are not measured today. \” Netflix said that it is not cooperating with the effort, however, explaining in a statement: \”The data that Nielsen is reporting is not accurate, not even close, and does not reflect the viewing of these shows on Netflix. \” This isn\’t the first time that Netflix has refused to give away its ratings, its chief executive Reed Hastings that \”it\’s competitive information.

It tells HBO what kind of shows to produce. \” Want up-to-the-minute entertainment news and features? Just hit \’Like\’ on our and \’Follow\’ on our and you\’re all set. On 19, Aug 2013 Every time we talk to people about video on-demand, we always get told the same thing: БNetflix in the UK? ItБs not the same asin the US Б ThatБs true.

In fact, itБs better. At least, it is when it comes to one thing: Breaking Bad. Since last week, the showБs final episodes have been broadcast in the US on AMC only to arrive on Netflix UK six or seven hours later. What better way to start a Monday morning than numerically-shaped bacon, coffee and a freshly cooked batch of Mr. White? But Americans canБt do that. Why? Because Netflix US doesnБt have them. It has Breaking Bad Season 5, yes. But only the first half of the season. It got those eight episodes 17 days ago. In the UK, we were able to stream Season 5 Part 1 on November 1st 2012. Brits 1, Yanks 0. ItБs the same with The Killing Season 3, which is being broadcast (also by AMC) in the US at the moment and arriving on Netflix UK within 24 hours every Monday.

Netflix US users have to make do with Season 1 and 2. Away from AMC, Netflix UK is again ahead of the US: Dexter has six seasons available to stream for Brits. Americans have none of it. Meanwhile, in movie land, Michael HanekeБs astounding Amour arrived at the weekend perfect family viewing for the summer holidays. Is it on Netflix US? No. We even have The Santa Clause in August, far ahead of our Atlantic counterparts in case that makes your reindeer fly. You get the idea. The bottom line? Rights differ from country to country. It works the other way too: sometimes, America has things we donБt. But with Breaking Bad arriving fresh on our screens every week, we can handle waiting for things to travel across the Atlantic. Because in the last 12 months, from The Killing to Orange Is the New Black, itБs clear that Netflix is improving for British users. Well, except for The Santa Clause.

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