why does facebook show that im online when i not


Same problem here. I tried to report to FB. Let s see what will be the answer for that:
Sometime ago I noticed using my son s device that my user on the chat window always show that I was logged in 1 minute ago (left side of a mobile picture). Today I turned off all devices that I have in hands (2 mobiles, 1 windows, 1 mac os, 2 ipads, etc), changed the password, deleted active sessions and recognised devices. I also turned off the facebook platform for external and internal apps. Why is that happening? Is there a way to get some type of report showing what is accessing my account in a 24×7 period? Can you help me somehow? Thank you very much, Well, this has to be one of the most extensive web pages about FacebookБs green dot. That doesnБt mean all the information is good, but it is extensive. IБve researched the green dot elsewhere, too, and what IБve concluded might be useful to other people, so here (in no particular order) are some of my conclusions about FBБs green dot. 1) You canБt trust the green dot. The green dot is affected by many different things, and you canБt get 100% reliable insight from it about someoneБs activities. You just canБt. If youБre looking for simple answers, youБre out of luck. Bummer, right? 2) How it operates has changed over time, and is most likely still changing.

Like so much else on FB, how it works is a moving target. FB changes its software constantly, and the interface/rules that were valid earlier may be different today, tomorrow, next week, etc. Not only that, FB rolls out software changes to smaller groups first, so your green dot may be controlled by different rules, compared to mine. When IБve googled this issue, I usually search only for pages within the last year, because I figure that older pages are unlikely to reflect the current rules. Hell, even pages from yesterday may be wrong. 3) How it works may be significantly affected by how heavily-loaded FB servers are, by the quality of oneБs cell phone data connection, by БInternet weather,Б by local issues with your phoneБs OS, etc. Most non-critical Internet services are affected by these kinds of things. 4) As far as I can tell, FB is not talking. Try this search: Official FB help is not very helpful. You would expect that given the interest in presence info, FB would have at least published a simple matrix of status indicators, and what theyБre supposed to mean. As far as I can tell, they have not done this. It seems possible that they donБt want to precisely define it for the public, because itБs not reliable and it changes over time. They may view it as a potential liability if they describe a function that doesnБt always work the same way. 5) Broadcasting detailed, realtime info about presence is a new cultural/emotional phenomenon.

I donБt think the tech is up to the task, and certainly the culture is not. People are obviously confused and concerned about what all this means. Given that many people have 100s of FB friends with whom they have diverse relationships, it seems crazy that FB would provide this kind of presence info by default, with such crude privacy controls Б but they do. See #6. 6) Facebook doesnБt care about you. See #5. The fact that FB (by default) provides this kind of presence info to all of your friends is yet another indication of how little you mean to FB, compared to their bottom line. For example, FB could provide a privacy setting that would disable the green dot entirely, while still allowing you to chat. The fact that they donБt is a conscious, corporate choice. I believe itБs because knowing the presence status of your friends significantly increases chat use, thus increasing user engagement, and FB revenue. They will have weighed this privacy option and decided against it. Sucks, right? 7) People who keep harping that you just shouldnБt care about trust issues related to the green dot Бб are annoying, and should STFU. While itБs true that a good relationship is hopefully based on trust that obviates concern about FB status indicators, not all relationships are good, or are established long enough for this kind of trust to exist.

And the only way this trust develops at all is as a result of experiences collected over time. Seeing how a gf/bfБs behavior aligns with their statements is something we do all the time in many areas besides FB. That said, it seems certain that the green dot is so unreliable that youБd be a fool to base major relationship decisions on it. But that doesnБt mean that the green dot should be of no interest to you. 8) It would be great if someone stepped up and created an online clearinghouse for info about green dot (i. e. FB presence) issues. I think you could sell enough advertising to make this a viable activity. At least according to my Google searches, thereБs no quality reference point for these questions Б mostly endless forum posts. 9) You may see authoritative-sounding posts about the green dot that are actually nonsense. Such posts may be based on misunderstandings or bad info. They may also be trolling. IБve found no authoritative info, and even if there were some, it might be invalidated by FB software changes. See #1.

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