why does a plant need sunlight to grow


Photosynthesis is a complex process with two stages. The first stage is a light-dependent reaction when photons from sunlight hit the plant\’s leaf, galvanize the light-absorbing pigment chlorophyll and activate electrons. This divides water into oxygen and hydrogen ions. The second stage, a light-independent reaction, uses the energy from the light reaction to convert carbon dioxide into glucose through a series of chemical reactions that begin with 3-ribulose bisphosphate and end up with the same molecule, producing glucose in the process.


The plant uses glucose in different ways. It can convert it into chemicals needed to grow plant cells like cellulose or starch that it can store until the plant needs to convert it back to glucose. It can break it down during respiration, releasing energy stored in the glucose molecules. A plant doesn\’t need energy from the sun for respiration.
Light is something that sustains all life on this planet, but we may wonder why do plants grow with light?


When you buy a new plant, you may wonder what kind of light do plants need? Do all plants need the same amount of light? How can I tell if my plant is having problems with too little light? Keep reading to answer these questions on how light affects the growth of a plant. All things need energy to grow. We get energy from the food we eat. Plants get energy from light through a process called. This is how light affects the growth of a plant. Without light, a plant would not be able to produce the energy it needs to grow.

What Kind of Light Do Plants Need? While plants need light to grow, not all light or plants are the same. If someone asks, What kind of light do plants need they may be referring to the light spectrum. Plants are affected by light that falls into the blue spectrum of the light scale. Daylight, and grow lights all have blue tones in them and will help provide the light your plant needs. Incandescent and halogen lights are more red and will not help your plant grow.

The question, What kind of light do plants need may also refer to time needed in light. Normally they are referred to as /shade, /part sun or /full sun plants. Low or shade plants may need only a few hours of light a day while high or full sun plants need eight or more hours of light a day. Sometimes a plant will not get enough light and will have problems with too little light. Plants affected by light shortages or too little blue light will have the following signs:

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