why do you want to work in a banking industry


Congratulations! You\’re interested in a career in banking. But do you know the benefits of working in this dynamic industry? Here are a few:
Whatever your talents, interests and educational background, there is a career in banking for you. While you may be most familiar with the tellers and customer service representatives at your own financial institution, there are many other employees who work in key areas of a bank. For example: Bank Administration/Accounting в handles the bank\’s internal operations, sets policies and provides oversight Consumer Banking в Commercial Banking в delivers financial services to businesses, schools, churches and other organizations Compliance в provides strategic direction, ensures bank abides by industry laws and regulations Human Resources в manages employee placement, salaries, benefits and training Operations/Accounting в provides record keeping, bookkeeping and financial analysis Technology/Information Systems/Security в ensures availability of information, maintains computer systems and software, and protects data Public Relations/Marketing в promotes the bank\’s products and services, coordinates advertising, and improves relationships with the community and media Trust and Investment Banking в A career in banking is open to everyone, regardless of race, gender, national origin, age or physical capabilities. Banks hire and train people who are interested in learning and working. Aptitude and attitude are essential to your success. If you are an individual seeking growth and challenges and are willing to accept responsibility, banks will be interested in you.


Bank employees are typically very well organized and have strong computer skills. They also have good communication skills, are excellent at dealing with people, and are service-oriented. Financial institutions hire candidates who are honest and trustworthy. They also look for people who are able to calculate and balance numbers correctly. As the federal government regulates many aspects of the banking industry, their employees are required to adhere to all the rules and regulations that banks must follow. Banking is a service industry. To succeed, you should enjoy working with people. Bank employees enjoy dealing with people from all walks of life and in all kinds of financial shape. Applicants interested in going into banking should have at least a high school diploma or a GED for most entry-level positions. A college degree in accounting, finance, business, communications, economics, marketing or computer science will assist the job applicant not only when initially hired, but also when seeking promotions within the banking industry. Banks offer many job duties and career path options. Most banking firms offer excellent benefits, including medical insurance and disability insurance, sick leave and vacation, and retirement options. Banking firms are highly regulated and supervised financial operations, making them safe, pleasant and rewarding places to work. These careers offer integrity and stability. There are many opportunities to broaden your knowledge and skills at a bank. Most banks offer on-the-job training and encourage you to further your education through a variety of courses, seminars and training programs.

Banks often set up tuition assistance and reimbursement programs for job-related coursework to help employees increase their capabilities for current and future positions. Many large banks have training departments dedicated to helping employees maximize their skills and talents through in-bank educational programs. Every bank\’s success is due in large part to the dedication and skill of its people. Working in any aspect of banking can be very rewarding and fulfilling. It can also provide interesting new challenges every single day. There will always be a need for banks to hire and train talented, motivated, resourceful and customer-oriented people. Your success will depend on your commitment to the bank, your aptitude for developing knowledge and skills, your positive attitude, and your ability to work well with others and adapt to change. As e-commerce and online banking technology continue to expand, tech-savvy individuals will always be in demand. Banking is a profession that offers a huge variety of opportunities as well as the possibility of early responsibility, rapid career progression, and good pay and benefits. For those willing to accept the challenge, the rewards can be great. Your reason may range from long termPstability to balanced professional personal life to growth prospects. But is this how you should answer the interviewer? As a wise fellow once said, its not what you say, its how you say. So we will guide you on how to answer questions in your interview. Remember, your interview starts the moment you enter the room, so make a good impression.

As you know this is one of the inevitable questions, we will answer it by giving you a glimpse on body language, how to answer the question and a brief on the banking industry. A few tips to answerPthe tricky question. Be very careful while answering this question as its critical to your selection. Not to scare you but your answer can make or break your chances of getting selected. This question helps toPjudge whether you have clarity in your thoughts. So be clear while answering the question. You need to prepare well and be aware of the post and organization you are preparing and applying for. Be proactive as the judging panelists in the interview are looking for a confident and a proactive candidate who is well aware to take responsibility if hired. So show confidence and pro activeness by showing keen interest, and enthusiasm coupled with confidence. Lastly, frame your answers based on below points. Answer the question based on the given information. You need to know this. There is Job security. One strives to find a job which provides job security. Banking is one of the fastest growing sectors in India offering stability and several growth opportunities. Banking Sector offers tremendous growth opportunities Manager level. There is certain level of respect Bank employeesPgetPin the society. The reason is that there isPdirect interaction with the customers. They are also active in various social schemes which are important for the beneficial for the society. ItPprovides a challenging working environment, with an big opportunities to learn. Banks are now using the best available technology forPtheir work; employees get the work on the latest bankingPsoftware which enhances theirPprofile.

Bankers enjoy various perks and low interest loans which are attractive options found by most aspirants. For further information, Your body language matters. So here is a bit on how you can project confidence. Not a nervous flickering smile, a genuine smile. Look at the person, and give your best smile. Take a moment and do not rush. You will give a good impression. Give a firm handshake. Practice it with family and friends. A good firm handshake is neither too strong nor too soft. It s just right with the right amount of grip. Remember while projecting confidence do not tightly hold your interviewers hand, it won t look good. Sit straight, tuck in your stomach, push back your shoulder blades and stay alert but also relaxed. Does it seem too much? Well not really, a good posture has overall health benefits, so remember to follow a good posture in your life and not just for the interview. When you prepare, you gain confidence. You can say there is magic in preparations which removes lack of confidence as if it never existed. So prepare most likely questions to be asked in your banking exams, and watch yourself breeze through the interviews. Important links. Now that you are all set to rock your interview don t forget to come back again for more information and latest notification about the banking industry. to get ahead of the competition in the highly competitive job market. Get a competitive edge,start your chapter wise test with embibe today! It s absolutely free! All the best!

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