why does bad things keep happening to me

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Bad things to happen to good people. Good people also let bad things happen. There is nothing that occurs in this universe that did not have a catalyst. For every action, there is an equal opposite reaction. This is the basic law of physics (\”Newton\’s Third Law,\” n. d. ). You probably remember studying this at some point in high school or college, but did you know that it can and does indeed apply to our day-to-day lives? Festinger\’s attribution theory states that in order to avoid cognitive dissonance we must have someone or something to blame for \”bad things\” (Bagby, Parker, and caused a war that was spun to be blamed on terrorist. Source: pixabay. com Events such as these have happened in history and the do occur in our daily lives. Let me present this thought to you. Inaction is action. You do not take out the trash on Wednesday, Thursday morning you wake up late, and do not have time. The trash sits and overflows until the next Thursday. The inaction of Wednesday caused the equal and opposite reaction on Thursday. You decided you can drive home just one more day on the less than a quarter tank of gas in your car. You pull into the driveway, happy to have made it home, knowing that pulling over would have meant at least a 30-minute delay driving home. With the commute home, timing is everything. At 7 p. m. you get a call; your son has been injured during football practice. You jump back into your automobile, completely forgetting you are out of gas, completely bypass the gas station on the way, and just before you arrive at your son\’s school, the car starts to sputter and stalls. Four hours and $85 later, you are back home with your child. Roadside service saved the day, you made it to ER, but now you are exhausted and irritable. Why do bad things happen? Because our inactions bring out equal and opposite reactions. I knew someone once whose bank account became overdrawn because of a $2. 00 soda purchase from a vending machine.

The $2. 00 became a $90 in overdraft fees. That was a very expensive soda. We do things every day that can adversely affect us, and those around us. However, we have the equal control to perform actions that have positive effects. Source: staticflickr. com Here are some examples of simple acts that can save you from huge catastrophes – bad things. Regular oil changes and simple auto maintenance saves your car\’s engine. Staying off the phone, completely off the phone while driving prevents accidents If you or one person you know has had a \”bad thing happen\” more than likely an action on this list or one equally as simple could have prevented it. When someone loses a home to fire, with the unlikely event of arson using combustibles, it was preventable. Yes, people do become ill, and people die. Benjamin Franklin said the only two things in life we can be sure of is death and taxes; however, with a little proactive living we can delay death, and reduce our taxable income. Recommendation For more tips on how you can take control of your life; to be proactive and not just reactive, visit. Babel. (2006). Film. Paramount Movies. Bagby, R. M. , Parker, J. D. A. , & Bury, A. S. (1990). A Comparative Citation Analysis of Attribution Theory and the Theory of Cognitive Dissonance. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 16 (2), 274-283. Newton\’s Third Law. (n. d. ). Retrieved May 20, 2017, from Why do bad things keep happening to me? Hmm Interesting question. LetБs look at it a bit closer. Have you ever heard of the phrase, БYour point of view creates your reality? Б What if that is a point of view you have? If that is the case, you may wonder, БHow do I change this point of view? Б LetБs again look at the question. Would you be distraught if the question were, БWhy do good things keep happening to me?

Б Probably not. So the key here is the word Бbad. Б In order to use either good or bad, you are using judgment, and as a result of it, came to a conclusion. Neither one of them is helpful. Now I ask, are willing to let go of both the judgment and the conclusion? We are so entrained to look for wrongness. Therefore, I propose another question. Think about the situation and ask yourself, БWhat is right about this I am not getting? Б Your instinct is to look for the answer. Can you forget about the answer for a moment and just be present with the energy that the above question brings up in you? Since the question comes from such a different direction, there is probably a moment of surprise. What comes up next? My guess is that it is one of two possibilities. Either there was a sense of relief or you got angry at the suggested question. Neither one of them is wrong and you are not wrong for experiencing them. Neither one of them is better than the other. I do hope you can hear this. First, if there is a relief, somewhere you knew that you had a judgment. The invitation to look from the other direction, to make an 180-degree turn, gave you an awareness even if you do not have words for it right away. Keep asking the question, БWhat is right about this, I am not getting? Б I know from personal experience that there will be a moment when you will suddenly know exactly what is right about it. This will allow you to let go of your point of view that bad things keep happening to you. This, in turn, will change what you experience. If some form of anger came up, I would ask you a different question, especially since in the initial statement the word БkeepБ was used. This indicates repetition. In that case, I ask you: What do you love about having bad things happen to you? In what way does that serve you?

I ask you, БWould anything ever БhappenБ to an infinite being? Б You know that you are an infinite being, donБt you? As an infinite being, you are a creator. So what led you to create the situation(s)? What did you know you could change by allowing this? The anger you experienced when I asked the initial question about what is right here, could very well be a sign that you are not acknowledging your own potency of creation. Another possibility, БWhat do you love about having bad things happen to you? Б Could it be that you are manipulating others? Could it be that you have decided to be a victim? or Could it be Б.? There are other questions that might be asked. Since this is a hypothetical situation, I do not have the feedback in form of energy that I am able to follow if it were a real conversation. Using questions may seem to be pretty heady, yet it has very little to do with cognition and everything with energy. If you are using the questions given to deal with a situation, itБs important for you to be very present with yourself so you able perceive the energy that comes up. We like stories and tend to create a story about an event, which is our interpretation of it. A good question to get out of the story might be, БWhat is really going on here? Б This allows you to let go of the conclusions you came to as a result of the story you created and lets you be present with what is. In summary, here are the questions I suggested: Your point of view creates your reality? What is right about this I am not getting? What do I love about ББ? In what way does that serve me? What is really going on here? Are you feeling alone, overwhelmed or lacking support in your business? Maybe you re just simply seeking clarity and in need of a little guidance? If so, then is right up your alley and we invite you to watch the short video below!

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