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I applied online. I interviewed at Flybe (Exeter, England) in May 2017. Arrived at the Flybe training centre in Exeter and the day started at about 9am. There s free parking on site, some people stayed at the Hilton hotel the night before which is right over the road from the training centre. There were about 30 of us at the beginning of the day, however the assessors often said that the assessment day groups were normally about half the size and ours was abnormal. It was a mix of bases, There were people for Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Exeter, and Southampton bases. We had a short presentation about the company and the job and then left the room, getting taken in a couple at a time to check you fit the physical requirements. 3 people were sent home at this point due to tattoos. Even though one girl had a tattoo that would be covered if she wore the trousers as the uniform, she wore a skirt that showed it to the assessment day and they told her to go home, so if you have a leg tattoo and are female, wear trousers to the interview!


They also check your height, you read a short announcement out loud, and they give you a numbered badge to wear for the rest of the day. Next we had a icebreaker task, half the group had an actor and half the group had a film, we had to find the partner with the actor/film that matched and learn 3 interesting facts about our partner, then we introduced our partner and the facts about them to everyone else in the group. Although they called this an icebreaker, the assessors are walking around with their clipboards, seeing how you interact, marking how smart you look, and how loudly and clearly you talk when you introduce your partner. (I know this because we later saw a mark sheet that one of the assessors accidentally left laying around! )
After that we had the group task. We were separated by our number badges into groups of 8-10, and had to plan a trip using the flybe brochure they left out for us.

We had to choose an event and a location, we chose a romantic proposal in Paris, and planned a weekend for our imaginary couple. Halfway through they interrupted our group with a small issue, ours was that our Aunt had to come along with us and wanted to see certain things on the trip. We then presented our trip to the other groups. Next was the English and Maths tests. they are very easy and nothing to worry about, took only 10 minutes to do both, the maths one is just some simple sums and the English one is reading information from a passage and circling the correct answer to the question, the answers are all in the passage. It was about 12 by this point, and this is when they make decisions about who will get to interview and who will go home. This took them about 1:30 hours, but they said its normally much much less as our group was bigger than normal.

There s vending machines with snacks, tea, coffee, the hotel over the road has a cafe, and some food trucks actually were parked outside for the staff with good food (taking card + cash). We were then separated into 2 groups, about half of us got an interview and about half were sent home. The interview itself was really nice and casual compared to another assessment day I ve been on. We were interviewed by cabin crew themselves that had been running the assessment day, they were really friendly and put you at ease. One assessor goes through a list of scenario based questions and the other just takes a couple notes, it takes about 15-20 minutes, and this is when they collect your documentation. After the interview we were free to go! My interview was about halfway the order of interviews and I was done by about 3:40pm. Why work for us? Why work for us? Flybe currently employs over 1,700 staff at locations throughout the UK. Each and every one of these employees is part of a companyВ committed to developing business by developing people.

This was rewarded in 2008 and 2009 with the вMost Environmentally and Socially Responsible Budget Airlineв award. This was also testament to the large amount of charity activities that our employees are involved with, both as a team and on an individual basis в we are strong supporters of Cancer Research UK and our employees take part in a wealth of activities to raise funds for this great cause. When you join us you can expect competitive pay and benefits and real opportunities for career progression. All this, and you will be part of a successful airline group which is predicted to continue itsВ dramatic growthВ for the foreseeable future. We think it is important that we listen to our employees and we have Open Channel the Companyвs employee forum. 15% off the Flybe Shopping websiteВ

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