why do woman like to be spanked


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Other Sub-Reddits: Б Б Б Б Б Б Б Б Б Б Б Б Б Б Б Б Б There is a huge difference between being spanked by a stranger and by your partner asking you for a consensual situation that obviously involves a lot of trust. DO NOT grab a girl\’s butt if she is a stranger, it\’s disrespectful and you wouldn\’t want some random stranger grabbing your junk. However, if you are in a relationship, everyone has different sexual tastes and turn-ons. There are plenty of women who don\’t like being spanked and some that do, much like every individual man has a different style and interests sexually.

From what I\’ve read about S&M, girls that generally enjoy such behavior do so because it makes women feel desired (i. e. when they are being dominated, the partner is focused on them and is using a little sexual assertiveness and control). Spankings in and of themselves aren\’t very painful, it\’s more of a light sting so it\’s erotic. Hair pulling is also a sign of dominance (women are biologically attracted to dominance, it\’s a cavewoman throwback), so some women enjoy it. These aren\’t necessarily painful experiences, they involve trust and a mutual decision to have some light fun that is a bit naughty, no harm done.

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