why do white women want black men


People say the darndest things sometimes, and when it comes to interracial dating, it seems they just can\’t help themselves. Last week, we wrote
on the and the reaction was incredible. While some people seemed to appreciate us tackling a topic that affects so many, others were quick to dismiss it as racist and unnecessary. Our political history fuels the scrutiny of interracial relationships. After all, South Africa is the home of apartheid, the, which corralled different racial groups into different geographical areas, and, which made it illegal for black and white people to marry or have sex. And just because we\’re doesn\’t mean people\’s minds have changed. We asked white women to share their experiences too and it turned out to be uglier than we could imagine. 1. \”Aren\’t you able to make any white friends? \” Of course I can, clearly I\’ve chosen not to be with them. 2. \”This is just a phase for you. \” So you know my life better than I do? Mmmkay. 3. \”You\’re just making a statement, this isn\’t a genuine decision. \” And you would know this how, exactly? 4. \”Don\’t black people smell? \” You\’re rude AF. Go clean your mouth. 5. \”Will your coloured children have coloured accents? \” This isn\’t a real thing and you know it. 6. \”The cultures are so different, you won\’t fit in. \” Because I\’d fit right in with every white family in the world?


We\’re just one giant homogenous group? 7. \”He\’s your rebellion. \” You\’re so intuitive. How did you come up with that? 8. \”He\’s a nice guy and everything, but I just can\’t get my head around it. \” Let\’s assume there\’s nothing in your head then? 9. \”Doesn\’t it feel like he\’s going to swallow you with his lips? \” Now you\’re just being stupid. 10. \”Is it true what they say? \”р Uuuurgh. р 11. \”He\’s an old black guy who just saw his chance to get lucky with a white girl. \” Ever stop to think I actually want to be with this person? 12. \”We are tired of women like you stealing our men. You are using witchcraft! You have a magic vagina! \” If my vagina was magic, I would probably be with some super famous man or something. No? 13. \”You\’re a whore/ slut. \” While the rest of us are fighting against slut shaming, this is what you\’re doing? OK. 14. \”But isn\’t their hair dirty? \” Is your hair greasy all the time? 15. \”If my daughter dated a black person, I would kill her. \” I can\’t believe this.


Also you would be charged with murder. 16. \”Do black people only do it in doggy style? \” Just leave. 17. \”So how\’s Osama? \” Would you like me to find out how Hitler or Verwoerd are? 18. \”But, what religion is he even? \” What religion are you? 19. \”Your little samoosas are going to be so cute (referring to future kids). \” You\’re saying children are edible? You\’re problematic. 20. \”So you like it spicy, huh? \” This is so lame and you know it. 21. \”Is his penis purple? \” This doesn\’t deserve an answer. February is the month of love. At the Huffington Post South Africa, we take a look at how South Africans are finding and holding on to love. Author Shubnum Khan tells us about how cross-border romances are made or broken, tech journalist Nafisa Akabor looks at how social media replaced your meet-cute and lifestyle editor Sarah Koopman has some advice on how to get away from that tired old dinner-and-a-movie setup. Find them all and more, or try these. : where do I begin with you.

I mean For **** sake did you really just try to argue a scientific theory about Penis sizes basing your so -called \”facts\” off the porn you watch? Let me just cut through all that bullshit you just jumbled together. because y. based off your delusional comment,its not even worth my time correcting you or informing you of all the reasons you are wrong. you are some insecure scrawny white dude with a small dick who has been rejected a few too many times, and way too insecure and emotionally immature to admit what you really want to say behind all that made up nonsense. and the truth is you feel inferior to the idea of being rejected by women and replaced by a black man. let me tell you something about \”Ignorance,\” little boy. Im 5\’6. 128 lbs, size 6. , college educated blonde white women in love with one sexy successful educated self made man. he treats me right, hes my best friend, he has good family values, he sings in the church choir, his work ethic inspires me, and is the chief radiology therapist of the radiology department. oh yeah,. and he happens to be black. NO hes not a con artist, NO hes not ignorant, and he sure as **** not some \”bad boy,\” as you stated. hes confident,I love his big ego that he can still keep in check by his humble soul. and most importantly he makes me laugh who loves me for my mind and heart, Thats why I love him. and that\’s why he loves me. the only ignorant ass I see around here is you. educate your self. worry about yourself. , and that goes to all of you white boys who are trying to justify why a white woman would date a black man and vice versa. you are wasting your time with lies you are only convincing yourself and other insecure fragile white dudes with to make yourselves feel better FACT. I I dated white men my whole life before I met my man and it wasn\’t like I woke up one day and said. \”you know what?

I\’m done with white men, I think I am going to date black men now\”. that\’s not how it works. maybe for the strange fetish folks. but for the rest of us. not so much. we met singing together on a dam karaoke app, became friends. then fell in love and the rest is history. simple as that. love comes in all colors, shapes, forms. learn to accept and embrace it

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