why do you want to study law essay


When the teacher said to stop debating, I understood that this is what I wanted to do. I never thought about doing something that would give me adrenalin even while I am working. As I spent my life in three different countries, I saw the enormous differences between Russian, Italian and English legal systems and I became more and more interested in finding out ways in which legislations could be improved or Parliamentary omissions by confronting countries and also see how the legislations were translated in Russian, Italian, Spanish and English language.
Not having studied A-level Law will not disadvantage you in any way whatsoever because top unis (LSE, Oxbridge etc) class it as a \”soft subject\”.


It has very little resemblance and benefit to the law course at uni.

Also many applicants make the grave fallacy in thinking that Law is a vocational course. It\’s a deeply academic and theoretical degree.

It\’s nice that you might want to be a lawyer but\’s that not what the admissions staff really care about. In fact, 50% of qualified lawyers today have not studied the LLB. To be lawyer, you can sit the any first degree, convert on the one year GDL and then do the LPC or BPTC (which is the professional skills course).

Your PS should emphasise your academic curiosity for Law. So express your views about topical legal issues which you have read about. Or write a two or three sentences about some preliminary reading you\’ve done. This will demonstrate your interest, enthusiasm and commitment.

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