why do you want to join the royal marines

This type of question is designed to see how much knowledge you have of the basic training you will go through if you are successful. If you have no idea what training involves then there is a higher risk that you will not successfully Оnish the course. Information about the Royal Marines basic training can be found in your recruitment literature and also by visiting the Royal Navy careers website, which can be found at www. royalnavy. mod. uk.

БIf I am successful during the selection process and the PRMC I will go to CTRM at Lympstone and start the 30-week course. There will be up to 60 other recruits at the beginning of the course. During the 30-week course I will learn the meaning of the word teamwork, learn how to react speedily to unpredictable situations, learn how to be smart and have good bearing, and understand the responsibilities of being a serviceman and upholding the reputation of the Royal Marines.

The 30-week course is split up into 7 different sections. Section 1 is the foundation course, which is three weeks in total. This involves admin, drill and physical training. Section 2 is six weeks long and involves weapons training, map reading and exercises. Section 3 is four weeks long and is advanced skills training.

Section 4 is seven weeks in total and is operations of war training. Section 5 is a two-week. Section 6 is professional commando course. Section 6 is professional training and the Оnal 30th week is KingБs Squad, which is drill and pre-leave admin. Б
What do I get in the Royal Marines? Life as a Royal Marine is not without rewards. Much will be asked of you every day, but youвll get plenty in return.

Not all benefits are financial, though your salary will be competitive and there are opportunities to progress. First and foremost, you get the pride of wearing your green beret. Thatвs something only you and your colleagues will experience. On top of that is everything from a vibrant social life, to travel and adventure thatвs unparalleled in the civilian world.

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