why do white chicks like black guys

I dunno man, you live in SD so it might be different and white girls that are hot there might go for asian or latin men but here on the east coast white girls that are attractive either go for white guys exclusively (most are like this) or make exceptions and go for a black guy who has his shit together. You never see the many successful asians here who look good with white girls that are attractive or anyone of an immigrant background like this. I live in Pennsylvania, have stayed in Phili and Pittsburgh, a white girl that is attractive with a latino, asian, indian, or arab would be unheard of.
Despite all the porn certain white guys like, an incredibly miniscule group of people comprise this topic. Dating site stats show that the number of black girls that want white men, in any age group, is much higher. I\’m sorry. this comment couldn\’t be more incorrect if you tried. The instances of interracial relationships between black men and white women are FAR HIGHER. You\’ve got this argument backwords. IMHO, first post nailed it. One of my best friends from work used to date black guys.

She doesn\’t anymore. From talking to her she\’s had a lot of daddy issues, family was insanely racist, and dating black guys who she couldn\’t bring around her family was her way of acting out when she was younger. She got serious with one, but he was a POS, had issues with the police and keeping a job, then finally knocked another girl up while they were together. Thankfully she walked. She\’s going to school for her masters and has a great head on her shoulders. I just think she did the typical I can fix him thing with a POS. Now she\’s got several white female friends in relationships with black guys and when she tells them about our relationship they seem astonished that she\’s so happy, she says you need to get a white guy. Anecdotally it appears that her experience and everyone of her friends that dates black men is that the guys are just walking stereotypes and the women being viewed as less than for dating black men feel they don\’t deserve any better. So is she a BF from work? like you said in the first line, or are you in a relationship with her like you said in the next paragraph?

My guess is you are her fag friend who she can talk to? Stop making shit up on the internet. Damn, I didn\’t edit all of it out. My op had it explaining that we were dating, but I wasn\’t wanting to get flamed for dating a girl who used to date black guys. I should have just deleted the post. I\’ve been here for a long time, no need to lie about something like this. We\’ve been friends at work, working together in the same department for 4 years. She split up with her ex a year ago, I left my wife and am going through a divorce this year and the two of us started dating. She\’s awesome, about 8 years younger than me (26/34) about to start school for her masters degree. We get along great but I\’m not taking it too seriously. I would consider her my best female friend, which is why I wanted to date her. Unlike a lot of guys on the OG I didn\’t hold it against her that she previously dated black guys. One of my good female friends from college dated a black guy through high school.

Her reasoning was that he was nice to her, she was insecure, and he wasn t ghetto. When he went away to play football at a different school than she planned to attend, they split up and he wanted to start seeing other people. When she matured she realized he was probably cheating on her and had been with a lot of other girls, but they remained friends who don t talk much anymore. I could ve dated her (she was hot as shit) but I decided to stay with my girlfriend, who I m still with. I wouldn t have ever considered dating her if her ex was a piece of shit thug type, but he actually was a pretty cool dude. If I were him I would ve made the same decisions he did, so I can t knock the guy, and I can t knock her for dating him. I think the people you date say a lot about your insecurities and confidence levels, so I wouldn t date anyone who has dated a loser, but I also am not so insecure that I d turn down a girl because her ex was black. I don t date losers, or girls who bang losers, that s my main rule, and the girl has to be hot.

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