why do you have to pay cash for lottery tickets


Quote: Originally posted by JAP69 on May 6, 2009
Not all states allow payment in the manner that Mn does. Q: Can I purchase lottery tickets from a retailer with a check, check card or debit card? Yes, if the retailer allows it. Minnesota Rule 7856. 4010, subpart 16, permits retailers to accept coin, currency, money orders and checks for the payment of lottery tickets. Also, since the use of a check or debit card is the same as a check, the use of those cards are also permitted. While a lottery retailer may accept a check or a check card for the payment of lottery tickets, the retailer is not required to do so.


The Lottery does not require a retailer to accept a check or a check card for the payment of lottery tickets. In other words, a retailer is permitted to have a policy that they will not accept checks or credit cards for the purchase of lottery tickets. Earlier today, I was at a Speedway gas station and the woman practically yelled at me because I wanted to pay for 5 Powerball tickets with my debit card (it\’s a MasterCard). She said that was against state law (in Indiana) to buy lottery tickets via non-cash transactions.


Here is how the whole story goes: I went into the Speedway and asked for 5 Powerball tickets (for $5). The woman gladly printed all 5 tickets out for me. I took out my debit card and she said that I couldn\’t pay that way. So, I then took at my wallet and all the money I had was $4. I told her that was all the money I had and then she promptly pulled the tickets off the counter. After that happened, I just left the store very frustrated. I was thinking to myself if by some chance one of those tickets where winners, I would then be out of all that money and that the clerk could possibly cash in the winning ticket.

In my opinion, I think a person should be allowed to pay for the Powerball tickets before they are even printed out to avoid disputes (like mine). I still don\’t understand why the state requires all lotto tickets to be bought via cash only. I\’m surprised that the state doesn\’t realize that more people use debit cards/credit cards these days than actual cash. Does anyone else have a opinion on this?

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