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We know of a lot of singers who just go and sing a gig completely cold, without having done any warm up beforehand. We also know a lot of these singers get into difficulty very quickly, because they have not warmed up their voices before they sing. The following four points are fool-proof reasons why you need to warm up before you sing. Think of yourself as an athlete You wouldnБt expect a marathon runner to go straight into a marathon as soon as they get out of bed, would you? So, why then, would you not warm up your voice before you sing? Your vocal cords are made up of muscles after all! (Amongst other things, I might add. )
Just like the marathon runner, you need to prepare your muscles for the workout theyБll get during your practice, gig, or general singing around the house. Warming up will allow the muscles to work to their fullest potential during the time you are singing. Warming up will help you find your quicker than singing songs will. The exercises are tailored to your voice to help you overcome any imbalances that you may be experiencing at the time. If you are at your optimal vocal balance, then are you are more likely to be able to sing and perform at your fullest potential. If you are out of balance, your voice might feel breathy or squeezed, which in a concert or gig setting is not what you want! It can help you to sing for longer! It can also help to prolong the time you can spend singing without incurring damage to the voice.


If you donБt warm up your voice before you sing, chances are youБll burn out before youБve reached your goal for the day. However, if you warm your voice up thoroughly before you sing, then you may even exceed the goal you have set for yourself. You can help yourself to avoid injuriesБ. Not warming up your voice before a gig or concert can also lead to other problems. Again, think like an athlete. They wouldnБt risk getting leg, ankle or hip injuries from running without having fully warmed up and stretched out their bodies, would they? So why would you risk vocal injuries that are preventable? Singing with a БcoldБ voice (meaning not warmed up) can lead to things like pushing for the high notes, or a breathy tone in the bottom. This, in turn, may lead to other problems with the voice, such as the development of polyps or nodules, which are much harder to get rid of than you think. If this goes on for a long period of time, you may even require surgery on your voice to enable you to sing again. Warming up your voice will also give you the essential 10 minutes of Бme timeБ you need before the gig or concert to prepare yourself physically and mentally. Singing a familiar set of scale patterns and exercises will relax your mind and help to take away any stress or anxiety you might feel beforehand.

Since it helps you to relax, then when you do go on stage, you are free to convey the performance of the songs without worrying about why you canБt hit that high note so easily or that it feels a bit forced. So, really itБs not JUST about getting the voice ready to sing, itБs also about getting YOU ready to sing at your fullest potential. A good teacher will give you a thorough warm up when you sing, and if you are doing a gig soon, ask them to tailor it to ensure all of the notes you are singing are included. You should always follow these warm ups exercises before you sing, even if you are practising in the house, or singing as you clean the bathroom. We canБt stress enough the importance of warming your voice up before you sing. It can act as a preventative measure against any vocal health issues that you might experience, and it will also relax your mind into the pattern you need to sing and perform well. Not to mention keep you at your optimal vocal balance! What are your experiences of warming up before you sing? Do you swear by a specific routine? Or have you had negative experiences if you havenБt warmed up? Share with us in the comments below, or on our social media channels! Sing with more freedom and consistency. Have fewer voice problems overall. Have a wider vocal range. Have more options for being expressive.

Communicate their songs better overall. Any singer knows the feeling of being less than 100% sure of whatБs going to come out when you open your mouth to sing. ThatБs one of the main reasons for anxiety in performers. One of the common causes of this uncertainty is not knowing how to do an easy, systematic and effective warm-up. What is a Vocal Warm-Up? A few fun, systematic exercises that get your physical voice, mind and ear all on the same page. An effective warm-up also helps you get comfortable throughout your full range before you sing the extreme notes in a song. Vocal warm-ups are fun, too. You can actually do many things during your normal day to stay voice-aware and help your instrument say in good shape. Singers are vocal athletes. They need to warm up the same as basketball player do. photo credit: Professional baseball, basketball and football players donБt come running out of the locker room and start playing a game. They stretch, limber up and take the time and effort to prepare the mind and physical body before the game. When itБs game timeБor performance time for singers, the mind and mechanics are already prepared which means more relaxed and meaningful singing. Increasing temperature and blood flow in larynx, breathing system and articulators (lips, tongue, teeth) while checking for reasonable posture.

Humming and lip trills so you can physically feel the resonance in the face and head as well as the throat and chest. To get the articulators, brain and ear on the same page. No matter what your style good vocal warm-ups are necessary, but most singers really donБt know what to do. WeБve made that part easier by putting together easy-to-use CDБs that apply to any style. answers the question, БWhy and how do I warm up my voice? Б After a few principles and explanations you interact with a series of fun, and very effective exercise with great orchestrated accompaniment in a number of styles. (High Voice and Medium/Low Voice available) are just exercises; no teaching. They will warm you up, work you out and challenge in a number of fun and creative ways. are 1, 2, 3 4 part exercises that let you harmonize with the Vocal Coach Singers as well as those you sing with. ItБs great for warming up the voice and fine-tuning the ear for singing with any size group. Available in 2 volumes for lots of variety. All can be downloaded in a matter of minutes from the or ordered as physical product. DonБt risk unpredictable or anxiety-filled performances. Practice Makes Permanent, and if you practice regular warm-ups before you sing as well as on off days you will be a better singer in every way. What are your favorite warm-ups? Tell me in the comments.

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