why is google the most popular search engine


Google is the most widely used on the internet today. It receives over 3 billion online searches on a daily basis. It was created in 1997 by American computer scientists Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Since its founding, Google has made many advancements in the search engine field. Today, many users believe that Google is the quickest and most reliable search engine for many reasons. A study done in 2012 showed that 69. 5% of usersБ searches were done using Google, with Bing coming in second place at 25%. Google is also the main search engine used on mobile devices and tablets. There are many reasons for GoogleБs popularity. The Google homepage is very simple, easy to use, and loads quickly. It provides users with better results than any other search engine and can find a lot of information quickly. For instance, a student who wants to learn more about Бfamous basketball playersБ can type those keywords into the search engine and find detailed information within minutes. Google has become a part of our social culture. Over many years, Google has gained popularity in our society.


It has been mentioned in many TV shows and movies and is considered to be a part of our Бpop culture. Б It has become common for someone to say, БJust Google itБ to read more about a topic. Google shows fewer ads on its homepage than its competitors, Bing and Yahoo. The ads Google shows are more related to its usersБ interests. Displaying fewer ads gives Google an advantage over Yahoo and Bing because its pages are easier to read. Google is extremely good at ranking sites in order of their relevance to users. It places value on sites that can link to other pages with similar information. The more popular sites that link to your page, the better the chance that your website contains useful information. Another major factor is Google Maps, which can be used as both a desktop and mobile map service. Google Maps lets people view street maps and images shot from a satellite view and also gives them a street view perspective from up to four different types of transportation (auto, public, bicycle, on foot. )
The recent invention of Google or G-talk gives office workers a more convenient and direct way to communicate on the job.


This popular search engine also lets computer users have free access to their rising YouTube channel. Over the last few years, Google has become a hot spot for people who enjoy watching and posting original videos on the internet. As an example of this growth, Google has branched out by creating their own email system named Gmail, which is commonly used on cell phones and other new mobile devices. Get more SEO News and Information in Our Newsletter! 1. What Makes Google Great? and why those users frequently search using Google. Google Searches Billions of URLs Google crawls and indexes many web pages, thus its returning what you re seeking. match your search query. What you want is usually near the top. It doesn t sell placement of search results. separate from search results. Ads relate to content and aren t distracting. Most results are found in less than a second. access Google s of a web page, often faster than the page itself.

Google is Simple to Use Clear uncluttered simple web pages. with your search terms in boldface. caches (stores) these as a backup. If the original isn t available, you can access Google s cached version. cached page, making it easy to find the sections of the page relevant to your query. to match the dynamic growth and changing nature of the web. 2. Google s Mission and Philosophy and make it universally accessible and useful. While pursuing this vision, Google has adopted the following philosophy: Focus on the user, and all else will follow. It s best to do one thing really well. Fast is better than slow. Democracy on the web works. The world is a wonderful R D Lab. You can make money without doing evil. There s always more information out there. The need for information crosses all borders. Great just isn t good enough. For more about Google s philosophy, visit. 3. What Can You Find with Google? seeking. The following list shows some of the many types of searches Google can easily do. and click on the examples to see the results of such a search.

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