why do you want to go to law school essay


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Thank you for your response Lucas. Below is a revised version based on your comments/ Does it sounds any better? too long? Thank you! I hope to bring my experiences from New York as well as those from places across the U. S. and the world to my study and practice of law in Northern California. I am interested in attending UC Berkeley School of Law because of the dynamic and interdisciplinary education it fosters and its demonstrated commitment to supporting students in their preparation to practice public interest law. The schoolвs extensive clinic and field placement offerings, progressive research centers, and network of outside programs and schools will allow me to engage in problem solving, service, and practical experience while still a student. I am confident that these opportunities, combined with strong course offerings, will allow me to pursue an analytical and ethical approach to practicing law.

If admitted, I hope to participate in the Social Justice Program. My work as a tenant organizer in New York City as well as my work with adult immigrants in Boston has inspired me to study immigration law and housing law. I am excited about the opportunities at the East Bay Community Law Center, particularly the Housing Law Clinic and Immigration Law Clinic. I also hope to contribute to the Chief Justice Earl Warren Institute on Law and Social Policy in its examination of immigration policies with a focus on issues related to immigrants in California. As president of the Boston College Water Justice Group, I was involved in building awareness about the exploitation of natural resources by multinational corporations and their manipulation of the availability and price of these resources. I am interested in exploring the relationship between environmental law nd human rights. UC Berkeley provides an excellent location for investigating these ideas. I hope to work with California Rural Legal Assistance through the Environmental Justice Practice Project as well as participate in the Community University Research and Action for Justice through the Henderson Center in order to further understand and respond to the synthesis of environmental and human justice. Last year I lived in an intentional community with seven other women. We each put our entire paycheck into a group account, which we managed together to pay for rent, groceries, transportation, and modest personal spending.

We committed to cooking and eating meals together and spending two nights a week with each other to do a spiritual reflection, have a discussion, or go to a local event. This experience strengthened my commitment to personal relationships and cooperation as I grew in empathy and responsibility. I am attracted to UC Berkeleyвs diverse and inclusive student body, as well as its supportive and collaborative academic environment, maintained through the schoolвs approach to evaluating student performance without traditional grades or class rank. I will contribute to the open and cooperative attitude in my work and interaction. I am also excited about the flexibly granted to students at UC Berkeley as I hope to pursue a independent and creative course experience. The opportunity to select elective courses during my first year will allow me to engage with specific areas of the law and develop a strong personal program of study. In closing, I believe that UC Berkeley School of Law is a good fit for my personality, learning style, and professional aspirations. Its unique atmosphere and programs will allow me to contribute my experiences and ideas to the school and outside communities in the most meaningful way, both as a student and eventually as a committed graduate.

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