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In hard pressed times like these, with a scarcity of available jobs, only a handful of good positions appear in the market. Many candidates apply for these few jobs, but only the lucky one or the
ideal one б gets the job. What is it that differentiates anб ideal one from the rest? Since the interview happens to be the last obstacle to achieve a job position, clearly the intervieweeБs answersб make or break б an interview. Though there may be tricky questions in which an interviewee might get entangled, surprisingly, it is theб б that trip up the candidates. Question:б БWhy do you want to become a teacher? Б This straight forward question is a good example. Why is that so? Well, a candidate is most often prepared to answer tough questions but when he/she is asked a basic question, rather a БStatement of PurposeБ question; his/her ignorance regarding the job is revealed. б Sometimes, the lack ofб conviction andб clarity of thought б puts off an employer and that ends the interview Б without a job offer. The sample responses below can help you formulate an answer that sincerely expresses your goals and aspirations and will land you the job. Why would one want to become a teacher? Бб б БI wanted to become a teacher to be able to make a positive difference on the future of children. For me, it is great/fulfilling challenge: stimulating the next generation to become lifelong learners. I have always been grateful to the educational system for implanting values in me and at this juncture, I feel I should contribute what I have learnt and experienced over the years. This way I will be paying back and at the same time can fulfill my desire of enhancing the education system.


Б Clearly, the applicant seems to be concerned about the present educational system and by mentioning the word БcontributeБ he/she states his/her strong sense of motivation and thus, distinguishes his/her candidature from the rest. Further, the applicant can state and validate his/herб basic interest б in the job profile. By doing so, he/she will catch the interviewerБs attention and the interviewer will understand that the applicant isб aware and interested б in the nature of the job profile. Бб б БI canБt think of any job as important to society as teaching. I have always loved to give young people the best start in life. Interacting with kids is great. Be it on educational grounds or recreational activities, it is a lot more fun interacting and learning with kids. As a hobby, I have been giving tutorials to kids at the neighborhood community center. Б The applicant has been able to put forward his/her reason for interest in the job profile. БI love to interactБ and БI have been giving tutorialsБ highlight the fact that the candidate is aware of the intricacies of the job and has some sound experience in the same. The applicant can further state his/her skill sets that are the prerequisites for the job in question. Бб б БI want to be a teacher for developing a new generation of thinking individuals. Being a goal oriented person with tons of patience, I am sure I will be able to gel with kids and train them in the required subjects with utmost care and concern for achieving the educational goals.


Б Since being focused on achieving educational goals and being patient are key abilities that a good teacher must possess, by mentioning these skills, the interviewee finally wins the heart of the interviewer. Keep in mind all of these points, and be honest and assertive while answering the question. Thinking of becoming a teacher? Here are 10 reasons why you should For those considering a career in teaching, there are a number of potential motivators. Teaching can be a challenging profession, but there are numerous benefits to this career. Some feel a calling to impact the lives of students, while others are drawn to teaching for the ability to make a difference in the education system at large. So? Here are 10 reasons. 1. No two days are the same Some people flourish in a job situation where they know exactly what is expected. Yet for many, the thought of repeating the same task between the hours of 9-5 day every day sounds deeply unpleasant. If you re the type of person who avoids getting stuck in a rut, teaching may be just right for you. Teaching is a job with built-in variety, as you work through new units, teach new topics, and work with new children each year. 2. You ll get to learn as well as teach One of the main reasons for wanting to teach is devotion to lifelong learning. Teachers not only get to share their existing knowledge, but they get to dig deeply into topics and learn something new along the way. A student might ask a probing question that allows you to see a topic in a completely new way, and the discussions you ll have with your students can spark innovative thoughts.


Teachers must stay on top of new technologies, trends, and historic events, ensuring you ll always be learning something new. 3. Teaching makes a difference, with visible results If you ask most potential teachers why do you want to become a teacher, they ll mention the ability to in students lives. Unlike other professions where you may work behind the scenes, as a teacher you ll be up front to see the visible changes. There s nothing quite like seeing the spark of understanding on a child s face as a lesson clicks for them. Why teach? So that you can impact students from all walks of life, imparting lessons that will help shape the next generation. 4. Teachers can work all over the world Teaching is a highly transferable skill. If you train to become a qualified teacher, you ll be able to work pretty much anywhere in the world. Whether it s teaching English or, you can work and explore at the same time. International schools are growing in number all over the world and many are looking favourably upon teachers who have trained and qualified in England. 5. You ll benefit from flexible hours For parents, many reasons for wanting to teach involve the convenient scheduling. If you have children, you will be on the same schedule. Teachers need to take care of prep work and lesson planning after the school day ends, but in many cases this can be done from home. 6. Holidays While they may not be the number reason to become a teacher, summer holidays are another great perk. Not to mention spring holidays and half-term time. The paid time off outside of the academic year is certainly a bonus for teachers. 7.

You ll have job security While other jobs can be replaced by technology, there will always be a need for teachers. Many areas, particularly in urban centres, have high demand for qualified teachers. There s also a high degree of mobility within the education field. Former teachers can go on to become administrators, guidance counsellors, or social workers. 8. Teaching is a highly social job Another bonus for many is the chance to work in a social atmosphere. You ll work as part of a team with your colleagues, while interacting with students each day. Teachers also have the opportunity to become an integral part of the community, getting to know parents and community members. 9. At the same time, you ll have independence Yet at the same time, as a teacher you are in charge of your own classroom. You ll be able to make decisions regarding what s best for your students, and lay out your own lesson plans. Although you ll need to follow certain standards in your curriculum, you have the opportunity to inject your own personality into your job. 10. You ll have more than just a job At the end of the day, teaching offers far more than just a pay cheque. You ll have a satisfying career, knowing that you ve made a difference in many lives. Through interacting with students and community members from a range of different backgrounds, you ll gain greater understanding of your own society and flex your creative skills. So why teach? For the personal growth. Which is the best route into teaching? Now that you are convinced that teaching is right for you, read our guide on the various.

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