why do you pinch on st patrick day


Saint PatrickБs Day : everyoneБs favorite day to drink beer, bar hop, and get pinched. Kidding, no one likes getting pinched, but if youБre not wearing green on St. PattyБs Day, you just might be. ItБs a tradition that dates back to the 1700s, and itБs really not as big a deal as you might think. According to Luke Ahearn, owner of New OrleansБ
Irish Cultural Museum, itБs an American twist (literally) on the Irish holiday. ABC that leprechauns, a symbol of luck, are supposed to be invisible and mischievous, Бso people pinch you to remind you that if youБre not wearing green, youБll get pinched by a leprechaun. Б Another reason, Ahearn says, is because Ireland is considered the БEmerald Isle,Б and if youБre not wearing green, itБs as if youБre not honoring it. Getting pinched for that reason is a bit of a punishment for lack of respect, if you will, or a reminder to honor the homeland. Conclusion: wear green. At best, youБll be teased by a Бleprechaun. Б At worst, youБll be reprimanded by a (probably) drunk person for dishonor.

Not a good look. Happy St. PattyБs day!! You Might Also Like With St. PatrickБs Day right around the corner, everyone is frantically scrambling to make plans, create Pinterest-worthy green food and put together the perfect green outfit. If youБre like me, you plan your outfit out of fear Б fear of being pinched. Being pinched on St. PatrickБs Day is a known tradition that unfortunately happens every year б to the poor souls who forget to wear green. Whether we forget, or we just avoid the day, the pinches are annoying and they seem to come from everyone. Just a speck of green in a sweater wonБt cut it Б itБs almost like we have to dress like a leprechaun to be deemed safe from the Бpinchers. Б As a little kid, I remember preparing for St. PatrickБs Day all week, making sure I didnБt forget to wear green. If I ever did, you can bet I was cowering in a corner for the entirety of the school day. Getting pinched on St. PatrickБs Day is just scraping the surface of understanding the holiday.

HereБs a little St. PatrickБs Day for those who are in the dark. St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, is believed to have died on March 17, so the day is celebrated in his remembrance. The day is also celebrated to commemorate the arrival of Christianity to Ireland. St. Patrick also used the three-leaved clover, or shamrock, as an explanation of the Holy Trinity to the Irish. Shamrocks are the national flower and emblem of Ireland. about St. PatrickБs Day. The first official St. PatrickБs Day in New York City was held in 1762, while the day has been celebrated since the early 1600s. St. PatrickБs real name was not Patrick. Patrick was the name he was given as a priest. His real name was Maewyn Succat. In addition to this, St. Patrick wasnБt Irish Б he was born in Great Britain to Roman parents. At the young age of 16, he was brought to Ireland as a slave; he escaped after six years and became a priest. St. PatrickБs Day is not only an Irish festival, it is also a national holiday in Montserrat.

Commercially, the holiday is celebrated heavily in North America and Canada. Despite this information being fairly interesting, it does not explain why we get pinched on St. PatrickБs Day. People wear green on St. PatrickБs Day out of respect for Ireland. If we donБt wear green, itБs considered shameful and we get pinched. In addition to that, people often wear green on St. PatrickБs Day to make themselves invisible to mischievous. These leprechauns jump and fly through the air, pinching anyone who failed to wear green on St. PatrickБs Day. Anyone who practices the pinching tradition and pinches others who arenБt wearing green can be compared to the leprechauns. At the end of the day, getting pinched on St. PatrickБs Day is a cultural tradition that is not dissolving any time soon. To avoid the pinching leprechauns and bothersome friends, deck yourself out in green and celebrate St. PatrickБs Day pinch-free.

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