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During internship interviews, everyone is asked: ВWhy did you choose (insert major) as your major? When I am asked this question, I use it as an opportunity to tell the employer about myself. Deciding a major is just as big of a decision as deciding where to go to college. Some students decide their major based on the college that they are or will be attending, while other students decide the college based on the major that they would like to major in. I was a student that knew I wanted to major in accounting and then decided to go to Saint Josephвs based on majoring in accounting. Saint Josephвs is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business in both business and accounting. This is an honor because there are only a select few that have both accreditations. When deciding which college to go to each prospective college student has to balance financial, social, and education aspects of the school. For me, the educational aspect was weighted just a bit more than the others.

I knew that I wanted to major in accounting before going to college based on my past experiences and the opportunities that it can provide. Based on my prior work experiences growing up, I knew I wanted a major that could help me find a job that has a great deal of responsibility. Accountants have a great deal of financial responsibility. They are relied upon to record the sales, purchases, and other transactions accurately. Before I attended Saint Josephвs, I took three accounting classes in high school. It became apparent to me that accounting is a core part of any business. A company cannot function without an accountant keeping track of the trial balance and balance sheet. In effect of every business needing an accountant, I knew that I can choose an industry as well as a business that interests me. I liked the idea of not being stuck at a company that I did not enjoy working for. The skills that accounting majors learn are transferable to other jobs.

I knew that accounting could lead to other professions because a couple of my relatives majored in accounting; however they received other job offers out of college and were never accountants. This showed me that majoring in accounting would provide me skills that are unique in the business world that can be applied to other jobs that are not only accounting related. There is no doubt accounting is a challenging major, however I enjoy being challenged. After solving an accounting problem and having my balances equal, I feel a sense of satisfaction of doing something correct. One thing is certain; do not think that you have to know what you want to major in before going to college. You can find what interests you as you take your general required classes during your first couple years at Saint Josephвs.
Picking a major is a big decision for students. Many students are unsure of what degrees will fulfill their interests and, which can make the decision a challenge.

Some important factors to consider when choosing your degree include what youБre interested in, what skills youБre looking gain from you degree, and what career options you have once youБve completed your degree. With those three factors in mind, here are three reasons why you might choose to major in! The first reason you might consider majoring in accounting is if you have an interest in. Many courses in accounting require simple, mental math calculations so that you can calculate the annual gross margin or determine the cost per unit of production. Accounting is the perfect major for students who enjoy the practical applications of math and are looking to study a subject that will allow them to do hands-on work. Tip: Being able to perform quick calculations without a calculator is a skill many employers value in an employee. Another reason you may choose to major in accounting is because of the many skills youБll learn that can be used in your career.

Along with technical skills, such as being able to perform calculations quickly, youБll also develop that can be easily transferred into the workforce. Many employers look for skills such as time management, scheduling, and planning for essentially every career. Just because you major in accounting, that doesnБt mean you have to become an accountant! Your degree can guide you to outside of the accounting industry where you can apply the skills you learned, such as roles in market research, management, or media. If you complete your degree and decide you donБt want to pursue a career in accounting, you still have options. Having a degree in accounting can lead you down many paths. БThere s no business like show business, but there are several businesses like accounting. Want to learn more about accounting? Check out our! September 8, 2015 September 14, 2015

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