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Choosing a career direction is difficult and there are many things to consider. Perhaps you are doing a postgraduate degree at the moment and are wondering where to take your career. This article explains 5 good things about being a university lecturer (I\’m sure there are many more, but here\’s a start. )
1. Rewarding The main reason for becoming a university lecturer is that it is an incredibly rewarding job. You can talk about a subject that you enjoy. You get to see young people s love of their subject increase, their academic performance improve and you can guide them in their choice of future career. The brightest students can make you change the way you think about your work while the more challenging students can still be inspiring in their work ethic by constantly striving to improve. Having to deal with extreme discipline problems is rare because most students engage with the course that they have chosen and they have the maturity to see through. 2. Training Universities now offer their new lecturing staff training to help them hone their pedagogical skills and improve practical classroom techniques. This training, usually taking one year, involves small groups of new lecturers from across the university coming together on a part time basis to fit in with the demands of teaching and researching.

You will be awarded a recognised and transferable teaching qualification at the end of the course. 3. Flexible working Many university departments allow you to work from home during periods when you do not have to be in the university for teaching or admin reasons. This means that you can juggle family commitments more easily than in a traditional nine to five role. The flexible hours can mean that a longer commute to work is possible because you do not have to be in the department every day. Many lecturers use email and text to keep in touch with students and colleagues, again reducing the need for a constant presence in the department. Outside university term time can also work away from your office (unless you require lab equipment that is only available in the university). 4. Autonomy Unlike school teachers, university lecturers often have a real autonomy over their teaching. To a certain extent they can choose which part of their specialist area they want to teach, and how they teach it. Course design is often left in the hands of an individual lecturer, so he or she can plan out each week s topic and the way that the course will be assessed. 5.

Encouraged to research too As well as the classroom work, lecturers are encouraged to be active researchers as well. The two strands of work can work in harmony although it can be challenging to fit in both aspects of the job. Working on your research and publications will mean that you are seen as an expert in your field and this can enhance your reputation as a teacher too in the eyes of your colleagues and your students. Do you love academic life? Are you keen to pursue a life of learning in a subject that fascinates you? Why don t you become a college professor? A career as a college professor isn t for everyone. It requires a true passion for learning and an expert level knowledge base to even be considered for a college professor job. PDo you have what it takes to land a job in this cool niche? Thinking about quitting your job and making a change? Here are 10 reasons to become a college professor: Shape Future Generations Teachers and professors influence students on a daily basis. By sharing their knowledge they make a difference and help guide the next generation into their future careers.

Pursue Your Passion College professors teach and research a wide variety of topics humanities, science, english, weather, engineering, advertising, business, etc. Whatever interests you there is a college professor job that focuses on that. Job Security Education is important. There is always a demand for highly qualified passionate university professors at higher education institutes around the world. Not Your TypicalP9-To-5 Job Being a college professor is not the typical job. It s a mix of office hours, research, field time, lectures, and meetings. Many professors even get to take the summer off. Expert In Your Field To become a college professor, you must be an expert in your niche. This usually requires years of higher education and the completion of a Masters or Doctorate degree in your field. Then you are respected source of information. Enjoyable Work Environment There s something lively about working on a university campus. It provides an exciting and thought-provoking atmosphere filled with inquisitive minds and eager students. Life Long Learning As a college professor, you have to stay on top of your game.

You must be aware of changes in your field and industry in fact you might even be paving the way of the future through your research. Sabbaticals Are Acceptable Sabbaticals are periods of paid leave for a professor to study, travel, and explore. Kind of like a for professionals. Rewarding Job A job as a college professor is a respectable and honorable way to make a living. But the true reward comes from watching students learn, develop, and apply the skills that you teach them. Location There are thousands of employers looking to hire college professors. Start your job search at community colleges, Ivy League schools, or universities around the world. As a college professor who is an expert in your field, you will be in demand. Now being a university professor isn t all fun and games. In fact, it can be quite stressful as most jobs can be. Your time is spent as aPhealthy mix of teaching and doing research. Grading papers, teaching lectures, doing research, creating lessons, and working with students and academic professionals is all part of the job. So what do you think? Do you have what it takes to become a college professor? It s an awesome job if it interests you. See Also:

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