why do we think cats are cute


As a fellow cat lover, I have to say Thank You for appreciating this hub. You are a lucky woman! I bet many hubbers are envious of you right now. As soon as you mentioned Amy I checked your page to see if you have written any more hubs about Amy. The last one I remember reading was titled queen of the household. I see you\’ve got a couple more which I am going to hop on to as soon as I\’m done replying to your comment!


Funny you mention that because Flora\’s cat when she was young did not liked to be picked up either. I guess it is one of those typical cat personality traits – either they love it or they hate it. You made the right decision in getting a kitten because the kitten is going to be the joy of your own and your family\’s life in the coming years.

We\’d all love to see pictures of Charlie Raisin! Thanks heaps for appreciating this hub! There were so many more cute cat pictures but I finally managed to narrow down on a select few. As you can imagine, I spent more time looking for pictures than I took to write this hub. Haha, don\’t regret it one bit. Glad to see another fellow cat lover on this hub.

Their indifference is annoyingly adorable! Thanks for stopping by on this one.
Bryan Lufkin at argues that cats relatively aloof behavior puts us in the intriguing position of voyeur. In stark contrast to dogs, who generally wear their hearts on their sleeves, cats rarely acknowledge the camera, and project an air of being unaffected by what s going on around them.

Though this argument is centered around cats in photos and videos, the same concept may also extend to cats in real life. Cats lead their own lives, and it s fun and cute to watch them go about their business. Plus, their unreadable faces make them the perfect blank canvas onto which we can project our human thoughts. Anthropomorphizing animals is the most fun pastime of all.

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