why do yeast infections hurt so bad


I have read all of the posts on this thread, because last summer I started getting yeast infections for the first time. Since then, I have had almost 8. Every time my doctor called in a pill, sometimes the one that would have to be taken a week later, but the symptoms would last longer. I had tests done with my doctors, then with an OB GYN where the book Yeast connections was recommended to me. My OB GYN told me about this woman that would get a yeast infection every Saturday. Turns out, Fridays she would eat dinner over her parents house and the amount of acidity in the wine and spaghetti (they were Italian) would give her the yeast infections. I bought the book and I will start reading it because most doctors don t exactly know the certain cause as to why we get them. Reading it may help you understand why. It was also brought to my attention that if diabetes runs in the family, yeast infections are a symptom of having diabetes.


Also, because your body is always adjusting, (for those of you that don t use condoms) I was told that I could be allergic to semen. Now, I have never let my boyfriend finish inside me, so I didn t think that was the case. But when I started using condoms again, the yeast infections seemed to slow down. As for the symptoms, i feel for all of you. I currently have one and it is terribly itchy to the point where it was unbearable. I put plain, low-fat yogurt on a pad ( I was too swollen for a tampon that it made me bleed and would not go in all the way). It stopped the itching almost immediately. I tried eating yogurt and that didn t work, so I resorted to putting it right onto the area. Sleeping under wear less didn t help me because my pants would rub and made it more itchy so I stuck with cotton undies. I will try and cut out sugar to see if that helps and also look into the acidophilus pills because the reoccurring yeast infections are driving me nuts.

Good luck ladies, and thanks for all the helpful ideas!
This past Sunday, hubby and I made love. I did actually feel a little bit uncomfortable down there during, but it wasn\’t enough to want to stop. Afterward, I felt a little sore inside. I suspected that I might be irritated from using a different body wash that day. Monday morning, I still felt sore but it wasn\’t too bad. When I was getting ready for bed that night, though, I realized that the soreness was much worse and when I had to use the bathroom, I experienced discomfort when I wiped. Since my period was due to start the next day, I suspected it was a yeast infection, since I often get them right before my period. Tuesday morning, I was very sore and irritated feeling. I felt swollen inside and when I tried to clean down there in the shower, I grimaced because it was quite painful.

I became increasingly uncomfortable during the day, to the point where I felt raw down there. It hurt to even sit, and I would wait as long as possible to not have to use the bathroom because it was painful to have to wipe. I got some 1 day yeast infection cream at the store after work and used it that night. Wednesday morning, I applied the external cream, which made it burn and sting terribly, but by mid-morning I felt some relief. I noticed throughout the day that it wasn\’t hurting as much to sit or use the bathroom. Yesterday, Thursday, the itching started. I felt like fire ants were attacking me down there and it was all I could do to not squirm in my seat. When I use the bathroom, I\’m finding that when I try to wipe, the itching becomes tremendously worse and I couldn\’t help but scratch myself with the toilet paper.

By evening, I was raw feeling again, probably because I irritated myself from scratching. So I went to the store and got another 1 day yeast infection cream and used it last night. Today I still feel very itchy and uncomfortable. Cleaning myself in the shower burned. I slathered myself with the external cream again, which stung, but it seems to be providing some relief now. I\’ve been having terrible cramps, but I think they\’re from my period. I\’m just beginning to wonder if this is really a yeast infection or something worse, like BV. I\’ve had both, but never symptoms like this that actually make me feel pain. I was wondering if others had similar symptoms with just a yeast infection. P. S. I wanted to make an appointment to see my gyno, but my period started and they don\’t typically want you to come in if you\’re bleeding.

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